DC Comics The Penguin Daimyo 1/4th Scale Figure by XM Studios

Expected Release Date: December 2021

DC Fans! this is for sure going to blow your mind!

Superhero Toy Store brings to you a brand new range of DC Statues from one of the most renowned collectibles statue brand in the world, XM Studios.

XM Studios Statues are globally coveted for the level of detailing and complexity of design allowing them to achieve crazy poses for the characters we love so dearly. Each Statue is hand-painted to ensure the maximum amount of precision and finish. XM Studios' exceptional creative direction is to showcase more abilities, powers, and the essence of the characters in a bold, dynamic and storytelling style.

This DC Comics The Penguin Daimyo 1/4th Scale Figure by XM Studios DC 1:4 line is specially designed for collectors who desire more space-friendly collectibles. At approximately 25 Inches tall this statue brings one of Batman’s most prominent adversaries in a Daimyo style (Japanese for “Feudal Lord”) is the title given to powerful landholding magnate lords in Feudal Japan. A cunning, resourceful lord with strong connections, The Penguin Daimyo luxuriates in his Norimono (a Japanese Palanquin used by nobilities), accompanied by his penguin underlings.

The DC Comics The Penguin Daimyo 1/4th Scale Figure by XM Studios stays true to the comics, The elaborate Norimono is embellished with traditional Japanese inspired motifs, intricate gold ornaments, and details. Recurring elements related to The Penguin decorate the main panels and roof of the Norimono.

Two penguin bodyguards who are of a bigger build carrying the Norimono. The smaller penguin underling serves sake with a side of gunpower for the Daimyo’s consideration. Each of the penguins dons a kasa (Japanese traditional straw hat) and carries various explosives in their backpack, ready to launch destructive firepower when required.

At the feet of The Penguin Daimyo is something interesting… gems in a chest with an emblem most resembling The Joker Orochi’s Oni inspired mask and a basket of fish with dynamite socked through the mouth. Making you question who is the Daimyo making dealings with?

The core factor about this Penguin statue is that 1/6 scale statue is made without compromising on the incredible details and quality which you only find in larger collectible pieces making them both space and pocket friendly. This amazing rendition of The Penguin will amaze you with the details you don't expect at this scale justifying the brand's motto "Size matters, but Quality even more so!"

Additional Features:

  • 3 head sculpt - 1 spotting a broad grin and his signature monocle, 1 with a gleeful grin with his signature monocle, and 1 wearing an oni-inspired bird-like mask.
  • 2 right-hand - his signature umbrella and a gunbai (a Japanese war fan used as a signalling device.
  • 2 left-hand switch-outs - a gun and a katana (Japanese sword) held at the hip.
  • Additional accessories: 1 gun that can be placed on the tray with sake, 3 gems (Red, White and Blue) that can be placed on the chest. 
  • Collectible Display Plaque of the featured character.
  • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain.
  • Each handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the high-quality finish.

Make this unique piece your own because literally there is only a handful of them.

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Made in China