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    DC Comics Batman: White Knight (Batcycle Edition) 1/4 Scale Statue by XM Studios

    DC Fans! this is for sure going to blow your mind!

    Superhero Toystore brings to you a brand new range of DC Statues from one of the most renowned collectibles statue brand in the world, XM Studios.

    XM Studios Statues are globally coveted for the level of detailing and complexity of design allowing them to achieve crazy poses for the characters we love so dearly. Each Statue is hand-painted to ensure the maximum amount of precision and finish. XM Studios' exceptional creative direction is to showcase more abilities, powers, and the essence of the characters in a bold, dynamic and storytelling style.

    In this incredible 25 inch masterpiece, XM collaborated closely with Sean Murphy, the original writer and artist of Batman: White Knight comics, to design this stunning concept for this Batman showpiece. Without sacrificing the composition of this art piece, this 1:4 scale measuring an estimated 1m in length depicts Batman on his Batcycle, displayed in all its glory, weaving through Gotham City, long cape swerving in the wind, and skid marks on the streets. The light-up lamp detail adds to the Gotham atmosphere, perfectly capturing a scene from the Dark Knight's journey into Gotham's night.

    In Batman: White Knight comics, Sean Murphy's beautifully designed Batcycle has a large front section fairing. This allows for exploration, and the team designed the internal engine, providing a unique cross-section display of the Batcycle with its engine components exposed, a detail not seen in the comics. This grail will undoubtedly find a home in the collections of Batman fans and Batvehicle enthusiasts. Collectors can display the Batcycle in its true minimalistic design with the fairings closed, or they can leave the fairings off and highlight the strikingly designed engine details.

    The core factor about this batman statue is that 1/4 scale statue is made without compromising on the incredible details and quality which you only find in larger collectible pieces making them both space and pocket friendly. This amazing rendition of The White Knight will amaze you with the details you don't expect at this scale justifying the brand's motto "Size matters, but Quality even more so!"

    Make this unique piece your own because literally there is only a handful of them.

    This White Knight Features:

    • Removable fairings on the left and right side of the Batcycle, allowing display of the Batcycle with engines exposed.
    • Grappling gun switch-out on the left side of the Batcycle
    • Light up lamp detail
    • Crafted in polystone.
    • Each handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the high quality finish

    Artists Involved:

    • Sean Murphy (2D)
    • James W Cain (3D)
    • XM Studios Design and Development Team

    Proudly brought to you by XM Studios and Superhero Toystore, India's largest and most comprehensive online store for official DC Comics Batman Action Figures, Statues, and other Pop-culture merch!

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