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    WWE “Hulkamania” Hulk Hogan Statue by PCS

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    "Hulkamania is running wild, brother!"

    The "Hulkamania" Hulk Hogan 1:4 Scale Statue from Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio is ready to run wild in your WWE collectibles.

    You've heard of 24-inch pythons; now prepare for a collectible of epic proportions! The "Hulkamania" Hulk Hogan Statue stands 24.5" tall, with the Hulkster proudly stepping into the ring, flexing his famous arm muscles. His 10" wide circular black podium base features the words "Hulk Hogan" in red, white, and yellow to match the wrestler's iconic Hulkamania colour scheme.

    The "Hulkamania" Hulk Hogan PCS Statue is fully sculpted to capture this iconic WWE Superstar's muscular physique as well as his signature style inside the ring. His moustachioed portrait is detailed, with blonde hair tied back in a red Hulkamania bandana with the yellow script. Hulk Hogan wears a gold necklace around his neck, and his yellow shirt has a red Hulkamania script and lifelike folds and tears sculpted into the fabric. His outfit includes yellow briefs, white armbands, red kneepads, and yellow boots, all of which have been dynamically sculpted and painted to capture the sheen and movement of wrestling gear in action. This incredible tribute to a legendary presence both inside and outside the ring is a must-have collectable for all Hulkamaniacs.

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