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    Demon Slayer: Nezuko Kamado Swordsmith Village Arc 1:8 Scale Statue by Aniplex

    Release Date: May 2025

    Relive the iconic moment from the last episode of the Swordsmith Village Arc with the stunning Nezuko Kamado Swordsmith Village Arc 1:8 Scale Statue. This exquisite figure brings every detail of Nezuko's transformation to life, showcasing her battle-worn haori coat and kimono, bearing the scars of fierce battles.

    Product Highlights:

    Specifications Features
    Height: Approx. 8 inches Exceptional detailing
    Material: High-quality resin Translucent elements
    Unique sunlit smile A collector's dream


    Step into the world of Demon Slayer with the Nezuko Kamado Swordsmith Village Arc 1:8 Scale Statue. Standing at approximately 8 inches tall, this statue immortalizes Nezuko in the aftermath of her heroic battles.

    Every aspect of Nezuko's appearance has been meticulously crafted, from the tattered haori coat to the kimono that tells the tale of her fierce struggles. Her flowing hair and translucent skin bring an ethereal quality to her figure, capturing the essence of her transformation.

    But it's her soft smile, radiating like the sun, that truly sets this statue apart. This unique expression encapsulates the hope and strength that Nezuko embodies in the face of darkness.

    Crafted from high-quality resin, this collectible exemplifies the artistry and attention to detail that Demon Slayer fans adore. It's a must-have addition to your collection, serving as a reminder of Nezuko's unwavering spirit.

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