Spiderman Retro Collection Electro Marvel Legends Figure by Hasbro

As the villain Electro, Max Dillon wields full control over electricity and uses it against his arch-nemesis Spiderman!

Celebrating the history of Marvel's Spiderman, Superhero Toy store and Hasbro bring you the special edition Marvel Legends Spiderman Retro wave. 

This Retro Electro action figure pay's hommage to the Spiderman nemesis by matching his look and design from the golden age of comics. Hasbro has also packaged this Electro Marvel Legends figure's in Retro style with Spiderman themed backdrop which brings an awesome sense of nostalgia for all Marvel Collectors.

The special edition retro Electro figure is 6 Inch tall and highly articulate, hence  amazingly posable. 

The figure features premium detailing and paintwork and comes with an alternative pair of lightening hands throwing thunderbolts making for a great accessory.

Get this Retro themed Spiderman Marvel Legends Electro figure today!

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