Power Rangers Beast Morphers: Blue Ranger 6 Inch Figure by Hasbro

 "It's morphing time"

Set in a foreseeable future, a secret science agency in the city of Coral Harbor known as Grid Battleforce combines a newly-discovered substance called "Morph-X" with animal DNA to create a new team of Power Rangers known as the Beast Morphers. The Beast Morpher Rangers must defend the Morphin Grid from Evox, an evil sentient computer virus that creates evil avatar clones of original Beast Morphers candidates. Celebrate the 22nd Season of the legendary show with exclusive figures from Hasbro as the Saban's Power Rangers makes their debut in Superhero Toy Store.

Here we have Ravi Shaw played by Jazz Baduwalia as the Beast Morphers Blue Ranger. He is the son of Grid Battleforce Commander Shaw and is the only current Ranger that was an original candidate for the program. Ravi was in a relationship with the original Yellow Ranger candidate Roxy but broke up with her to embrace his duties as a Ranger. He feels regret for pushing her aside after her Avatar's creation left her comatose. Ravi's Blue Ranger powers incorporate Gorilla DNA, giving him immense physical strength. The Blue Ranger is in all his glory as this 6-inch action figure from Hasbro. Recreate the epic action and story of the Ranger world as this figure comes with supreme detailing on the ranger suit and multiple points of articulation with the amazing paintwork and includes the blue rangers weaponry.

Get the official Power Rangers figures by Hasbro today and assemble your team for the morphing time.

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