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The Joker Movie - Joker Prime Scale Status by Iron Studios

Expected Shipping Date: October 2021

The Joker, by Joaquin Phoenix, gets his own statue by Iron Studios!

In the film which was set in the early 1980s, in the dark and chaotic city of Gotham, a failed clown Arthur Fleck dreams of success as a stand-up comedian. Treated as an outcast by society, and with a mental illness that makes him laugh involuntarily, he endures a life full of abuse and humiliation. This leads Arthur to fall into total madness, assuming the name Joker, a nickname given by a TV host he admires to humiliate him. These events lead to him becoming the craziest and most unpredictable criminal in town. The film chronicles a different origin of the clown prince of crime, in a more credible way, this award-winning psychological thriller was one of the biggest successes of cinema in 2019, thanks to the masterful performance of Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix for his interpretation, and the precise direction by Todd Phillips.

Iron Studios proudly presents the Limited Edition “The Joker Prime Scale 1/3 – Joker” statue, featuring DC’s most insane villain in his latest film version. On a base in the form of a stone staircase, inspired by filmed the real New York location that became a tourist spot, with a metal handrail to its right. When looked from the back the statue poses as in a frantic dance stomping and kicking puddles, emulating a distorted version of Gene Kelly, from the classic “Singin ‘in the Rain”, in a scenario inspired by the punctual scene of the film that symbolizes his fall and total transformation into Joker. The massive 29.5 Inch Tall figure also has two pairs of interchangeable arms to change its pose.

The highly awaited statue is worth your patience. The detailing and paintwork have brought Joaquin's amazing portrayal to life as the PVC statue is modeled with 3D references using from the film and the paintwork is done by experts by hand.

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