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Marvel Universe Variant Iron Man Bring Arts Figure by Square Enix Toys

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Everyone's favorite Genius, Playboy billionaire, Philanthropist has been reimagined as a stunning Variant Bring Arts Action Figure by Square Enix.

Iron Man has been faithfully recreated and designed by legendary Creator Tetsuya Nomura, delivering a huge amount of visual impact. Iron Man's armor has been given a new angular aesthetic, paying attention to the countless panels and grills running across his intricately detailed suit.

Taking on a compact 6.5-inch size, the piece's innovative and polished design looks even more impressive. With lush red and gold metallic textures, the figure is truly eye-catching, bound to jump out from any Marvel collection.

The figure includes a back piece that can alternate between blade, shield, and shoulder wing form. Additionally, included are 7 types of hand parts, allowing for a variety of different battle poses. It also includes a transparent display stand.

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