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  • Lego Minecraft The "Abandoned" Mine

    Release Date: April 2024

    LEGO® Minecraft™ The "Abandoned" Mine (21166) transports classic Minecraft adventures into reality. In this immersive playset, kids guide the game's protagonist through mining, building, and exploration while fending off relentless attacks from various hostile creatures. Join Steve on hands-on mining expeditions to unearth essential resources like coal, iron, and diamonds, all while facing threats from a spooky zombie, creepy spider, and a lively slime.

    Make birthdays and holidays memorable for Minecraft enthusiasts with LEGO Minecraft playsets, offering an exciting blend of the online game's thrills and more. The "Abandoned" Mine set includes iconic Minecraft characters, such as Steve, and hostile creatures like zombies and spiders. The playset encourages creativity and problem-solving skills, measuring over 5” high, 7” wide, and 4” deep. 

     Meeting industry standards since 1958, LEGO building sets guarantee consistency, compatibility, and perfect connections. Each LEGO brick undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the highest safety and quality standards globally, offering children a secure and enjoyable building experience.

    For Age 18+

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