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    CHAINSAW MAN POWER by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: February 2026

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    Cat Overlord Takes Over Your Shelf: Prime 1 Studio Unleashes Power!

    Calling all Chainsaw Man Devotees (and Feline Fanciers)!

    Forget the dog days, Prime 1 Studio brings the age of the cat with their ultimate tribute to the ferocious Power – the Power statue! This isn't your average figurine; it's a 26-inch monument to Power's bloody dominance, purrfect for any cat-loving Chainsaw Man fan.

    A Throne of Devils, a Queen of Blood

    Power reigns supreme atop a throne of vanquished foes. Her signature blood manipulation erupts in a crimson display, a deadly elegance that would make any cat proud. The tattered Public Safety uniform adds a touch of chaos, perfectly reflecting her rebellious spirit.

    Crafted with Feline Finesse

    Prime 1 Studio's artisans haven't missed a whisker. From the confident glint in her cross-eyed gaze to the flow of her sculpted hair, this statue captures Power's fierce independence flawlessly.

    Unleash the Full Power

    Take your collection to the next level! This isn't just a statue; it's a full Power experience. Witness the raw power and chilling beauty of the Blood Fiend firsthand. But hurry, quantities are limited! Pair her with the UPMCSM-01 Denji for the ultimate Chainsaw Man duo!

    The Purrfect Gift for Any Fan

    This isn't just a statue; it's a statement piece for your home or office, a conversation starter, and the perfect gift for any Chainsaw Man or cat fanatic. So ditch the boring decor and let Power take center stage!

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