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    Batman (Comics) Hellbat DX Bonus Version by Prime 1 Studios

    Release Date: May 2025

    Introducing the Unrivaled Power of the Bat-Suit: UPMDC-06DXS Ultimate Premium Masterline Batman Hellbat "Concept Design by Josh Nizzi" DX Bonus Version

    Prepare yourself for the ultimate journey into darkness with the treacherous Bat-Suit - a bold choice that offers unparalleled power at a price! Prime 1 Studio proudly presents the pinnacle of our Batman collection, the UPMDC-06DXS Ultimate Premium Masterline Batman Hellbat "Concept Design by Josh Nizzi" DX Bonus Version.

    This is Batman as you've never seen him before. Clad in the Hellbat suit, he embarks on a harrowing mission to resurrect his fallen son, Damian Wayne, all while facing off against one of the DC Universe's most formidable adversaries, Darkseid. The Hellbat, a creation of the Justice League and meticulously designed by Batman himself, is a double-edged blade that demands a sacrifice - the wearer's very life.

    We are thrilled to collaborate with the renowned concept artist Josh Nizzi, who has harnessed the full might of this high-stakes, unforgiving exo-suit. Witness its surreal offensive and evasive capabilities, evident in the energy-based broadsword and the imposing wings unfurling from its back. The helmet's red-eye visor and the chest insignia on the mechanical torso emit an unmistakable warning: "Do not cross paths with the Dark Knight." Nizzi's artistic touch adds depth and originality, accentuating the suit's incredible flexibility and durability with vibrant red lines tracing the muscular contours of the body.

    Inspired by the nightmarish planet Apokolips, the meticulously crafted base is adorned with embedded LEDs that cast an otherworldly glow, illuminating flames and a striking metallic red bat symbol, guiding you to the heart of the battle.

    But the excellence doesn't stop there. Our Deluxe version includes an array of swappable parts for you to recreate your favorite scenes from the comics. Swap out the head, right arm, left hand, and three swappable right hands to capture every dynamic moment. With additional spiky armor plating, your Hellbat is ready to face the malevolent wrath of Darkseid head-on.

    And for those who crave even more, when you acquire the Deluxe bonus version through our official online store and authorized distributors, you will receive an exclusive unmasked swappable headpiece. Display your Hellbat Batman with Bruce Wayne's resolute face, a symbol of determination in the face of adversity.

    This legendary suit, a testament to the combined wisdom of the Justice League to confront even the likes of Darkseid, is an absolute essential for your collection. Secure your UPMDC-06DXS Ultimate Premium Masterline Batman Hellbat "Concept Design by Josh Nizzi" DX Bonus Version now and bring justice to your display!


    • Apokolips-themed base
    • LED Illumination flames on the base
    • Two (2) Swappable heads
    • Two (2) Swappable armor plating with longer spikes
    • Two (2) Swappable left hands (No Sword)
    • Two (2) Swappable right arms (Arm Raised)
    • Four (4) Swappable right hands (Hand Open, Hand Down & Pointing Finger)
    • One (1) Bonus swappable head [BONUS PART]

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