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    Batman (Comics) Alfred Pennyworth Throne Legacy Statue by Prime 1 Studios

    Release Date: March 2025

    Introducing Prime 1 Studio's Exquisite Alfred Pennyworth Statue from the Throne Legacy Series

    Prime 1 Studio is delighted to present the TLCDC-02S Alfred Pennyworth, the iconic butler of Batman, hailing from the celebrated Throne Legacy series. For the very first time, our team of artists has united their talents to fashion this remarkable statue, a homage to the loyal butler and trusted confidant of the Caped Crusader. While it may perfectly complement the Batman Tactical Throne, designed by the legendary Gabriel Dell’Otto, this masterpiece can effortlessly grace any DC Comics Superheroes collection as a standalone centrepiece.

    Alfred Pennyworth, renowned for his keen intellect, impeccable etiquette, and dry sense of humour, has played dual roles, serving as both the devoted butler of Bruce Wayne and, to some, a paternal figure. He diligently manages Wayne Manor and, more significantly, plays an indispensable role in Batman's tireless crusade against crime, offering sage advice and unwavering support. Standing at an impressive 22 inches in height, Alfred is attired in his finest pinstriped black suit, complete with a pristine black tie beneath a tasteful grey vest – an epitome of elegance and classic butler attire. His right hand cradles a tea set with grace, while the left arm rests at ease behind his back.

    But wait, there's more! When you order the Bonus version from our official store or any authorized distributor, you'll receive an additional pair of arms that allow Alfred to hold the revered Batman's Cowl and majestic cape.

    Alfred Pennyworth is an irreplaceable fixture, not only in Bruce Wayne's life but also within the sanctum of the Batcave. His presence injects warmth, humour, and unwavering loyalty into the Batman series, endearing him to the hearts of countless fans worldwide. Whether you choose to display this striking statue alongside the Batman Tactical Throne or as a standalone treasure, it is an absolute essential for aficionados of Batman and the entire DC universe. Secure your pre-order for the TLCDC-02S Alfred Pennyworth today!


    • Statue Size: Approximately 22 inches (Height: 57cm, Width: 29cm, Depth: 26cm)
    • Batcave-Themed Base
    • Bonus: One (1) swappable pair of arms, featuring Alfred holding the Batman Cowl & Cape [BONUS PART]

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