Halo Infinite Master Chief Mjolnir MKVI Gen 3 1:12 Scale Action Figure by 1000 Toys

Release Date: July 2023

Master Chief is the legendary Spartan-II super-soldier and defender of humanity from galactic threats around every corner. Countless times the Master Chief has defied impossible odds to become the hero we’ve needed him to be. Now, on the surface of a mysterious Halo ring, he must once again pull humanity back from the brink.

The legendary heroes should be immortalized in legendary ways, so while you're saving humanity as the Master Chief in Halo Infinite, 1000 Toys will help by showcasing the Chief himself with this incredible 6.89-inch Action Figure, complete with his iconic MA40 Assault Rifle, CQS48 Bulldog, and the Elite Bloodblade Energy Sword, along with a Brute Shock Rifle.

This Officially Licensed Halo Master Chief Mjolnir MK VI [GEN 3] has a new design. His armour is faithfully recreated using modelling data from the game. The outer armour is made of ABS plastic to depict the intricate details, while the inner frame is made of die-cast to provide overall durability and a wide range of articulation.

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