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Batman 1989 Batman MiniCo Figure by Iron Studios

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I'm Batman!

Popular collectible brand Iron Studios brings your favorite DC Comics Superheroes reimagined in a new miniature style in their brand new range of MiniCo. statues. These cute and small collectibles are flawlessly detailed with a professional hand-painting application making them a perfect addition to your shelf or even your work desk. Their handy and space-friendly under 7" inch scale makes them perfect to start a fun new collection.

Here we have the Dark Knight himself, Batman played by Michael Keaton in the cult classic Tim Burton's Batman Movie, in his unmistakable black costume, with a texture emulating leather and rubber and its classic symbol on the chest wrapped in a yellow ellipse, on a base simulating the concrete eaves of Gotham Cathedral in reference to the decisive confrontation of the antagonists in the film -The Joker.

This highly detailed and amazingly painted Minico statue represents the iconic era of Batman movies. The most interesting part of Michael Keaton being Batman was people initially didn't want him to be the Caped Crusader but he put every critic to shame when he dawned the role of Bat in absolute perfection. 

Pair him with Batman 1989: Joker MiniCo statue from Iron Studios also available on Superhero Toystore.

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