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DC Collector Wave 1 Modern Nightwing Figure by McFarlane Toys

Dick Grayson began his crime-fighting career as the original Robin—Batman’s protégé and crime-fighting partner. An expert acrobat and skilled fighter, Dick eventually left the nest and ventured out on his own as a new hero called Nightwing. His childhood experiences as a circus acrobat and trapeze artist make him extremely agile. He is a superior fighter and a highly skilled martial artist who has been personally trained by Batman. Nightwing is a keen detective, a natural leader, and a strategist with advanced knowledge of a variety of technologies.

Based on DC Comics Rebirth Comic Book Series, this Nightwing figure is incredibly detailed, measures 7-inches tall, features 22 points of articulation and comes with two Escrima sticks as accessories

The Nightwing is part of a 3-figure collector set, that includes a piece of a Build-A-Batmobile featured in the DC Rebirth comic

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