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  • Walt Disney Tribute Camera by LEGO

    Celebrate your love for all things Disney with the captivating LEGO Disney Walt Disney Tribute Camera (43230) set, specially designed for adults. This exquisite collectible set features a vintage-style movie 'camera' that unfolds to reveal a hinged back panel with a delightful surprise inside. The film strip showcases stills from 20 iconic Disney movies, adding a touch of nostalgia to your display. The set also includes a director's clapperboard with room for three LEGO Disney minifigures, two LEGO animal figures, and a multiplane camera featuring three printed screens depicting the making of Disney's The Old Mill short. The old-fashioned movie camera boasts a turning crank, sliding matte box, and rotatable lenses, while the clapperboard features a movable lower stick.


    Feature Description
    Suitable Age 18+
    Number of Pieces
    Series LEGO Disney
    Creative Build Options Create an old-fashioned movie camera, director's clapperboard, and multiplane camera
    Iconic Characters and Animals Includes Disney's Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Walt Disney minifigures, and LEGO animal figures Bambi and Dumbo
    Detailed Film Strip The film strip showcases stills from 20 historic Disney movies
    Click-Worthy Display The movie camera measures over 14.5 inches high, 8.5 inches wide, and 7 inches deep, serving as a striking display piece
    Digital Building Guide Access digital building instructions through the LEGO Builder app
    Illustrated Instructions Premium booklet filled with Disney, camera, and set details, along with step-by-step instructions
    Uncompromising Quality LEGO components have consistently met stringent industry standards since 1958
    Safety Assurance LEGO components undergo rigorous testing to meet global safety standards


    Indulge in creative joy with this LEGO Disney Walt Disney Tribute Camera (43230) set, perfect for Disney enthusiasts aged 18 and above. This 811-piece set offers an exciting challenge, allowing you to construct several distinctive items, including an authentic old-fashioned movie camera, a director's clapperboard, and a multiplane camera, all filled with intricate details.

    The set includes three beloved LEGO Disney minifigures: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Walt Disney himself. Joining them are two iconic LEGO animal figures—Bambi and Dumbo—adding charm and character to your Disney tribute display.

    With its impressive size, the movie camera stands over 14.5 inches high, 8.5 inches wide, and 7 inches deep, making it a click-worthy display piece that reflects your passion for Disney.

    For builders, the LEGO Builder app provides digital versions of the building instructions, while the premium booklet offers insights into Disney, the camera, the set, and step-by-step guidance for your build.

    Rest assured, LEGO components have consistently met strict industry standards since 1958 to ensure a reliable and consistent building experience. Safety is a top priority, with LEGO components undergoing comprehensive testing to meet rigorous global safety standards.

    Unleash your imagination and showcase your devotion to Disney with the LEGO Disney Walt Disney Tribute Camera (43230) set. Build, display, and relive the magic of Disney!

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