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  • Wild Animal Rescue Missions by LEGO®

      Introduce kids to an exciting interactive play adventure where they take centre stage in digital wildlife rescue stories. Using genuine LEGO® bricks, they embark on thrilling on-screen missions. The LEGO City Wild Animal Rescue Missions (60353) playset includes a mission truck, 3 minifigures, and adorable animal figures like a baby crocodile, panther cub, frog, hare, and owl, along with a plethora of LEGO pieces for captivating story-driven construction challenges.

      Download the Free App For this LEGO City Wild Animal Rescue Missions playset, designed for ages 6 and up, a smartphone or tablet equipped with the free LEGO Building Instructions app is required.

      Foster Creative Role Play Kids become the heroes of the action with LEGO City Missions playsets, honing their creativity and problem-solving skills. They interact with beloved on-screen characters, engage in instruction-free, hands-on building tasks, and save the day!

      Engage in Hands-on Digital Adventures Introduce kids to an interactive play experience with the LEGO® City Wild Animal Rescue Missions (60353) playset. They use genuine LEGO bricks to conquer on-screen Animal Rescue missions.

      What's Inside the Box? The package contains all the LEGO pieces necessary to construct a mission truck and tackle instruction-free building challenges. Additionally, it includes 3 minifigures, a baby crocodile, panther, owl, frog, and hare figures.

      Interactive LEGO Fun for Kids Children takes the lead in digital adventure stories, utilizing real LEGO bricks to complete on-screen Animal Rescue missions.

      A Perfect Gift for Any Occasion The LEGO City Wild Animal Rescue Missions playset makes for an ideal holiday, birthday, or any day gift for kids aged 6 and up.

      Model Dimensions Once assembled, the central mission pickup truck measures over 2.5 inches (6 cm) in height, 6 inches (15 cm) in length, and 2.5 inches (6 cm) in width.

      Includes Mission Accessories Minifigure accessories encompass a toy brush, magnifying glass, camera, trophy, binoculars, bunny, feeding bottle, syringe, walkie-talkie, net, and shovel.

      Instruction-Free Play Kids learn through play, employing genuine LEGO bricks and their boundless imagination to conquer on-screen building challenges and save the day.

      App-Driven Playset LEGO City Missions playsets necessitate a smartphone or tablet with the LEGO Building Instructions app.

      Quality Assurance All LEGO components adhere to rigorous industry standards, ensuring consistency, compatibility, and a delightful building experience, a tradition since 1958.

      Safety First LEGO components undergo rigorous testing, including drops, heat, crushing, twisting, and analysis to meet stringent global safety standards.

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      FOR AGE 6+