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  • Space Ride Amusement Truck by LEGO®

    Introducing the LEGO® City Space Ride Amusement Truck (60313) - an ideal toy set for kids and amusement park enthusiasts. This articulated truck includes a detachable trailer that transforms into an exciting space-themed ride, complete with captivating features. With three minifigures and an array of inspiring accessories, the possibilities for imaginative play are endless.

    Designed for children aged 6 and up, this playset includes an easy-to-follow building guide, allowing kids to build their own LEGO creations or enjoy a collaborative building experience with friends and family.

    Experience the world through play with LEGO City playsets, featuring realistic vehicles, intricate structures, and engaging characters for immersive role-play adventures inspired by real-life scenarios.

    • Let your kids embark on an endless journey of fun with the LEGO® City Space Ride Amusement Truck (60313) playset. Crafted for kids and thrill-seekers aged 6 and up.
    • What's Inside the Box? – Unbox a world of creativity with everything your kids need to construct a truck featuring a detachable trailer that transforms into an epic space-themed amusement park ride. Plus, discover 3 minifigures and a bundle of delightful accessories.
    • Thrilling Features and Functions – Watch as your kids bring this amusement truck to life. They can load up the passengers and spin the crank to activate the space ride.
    • Perfect Gift for Amusement Park Enthusiasts – Surprise the young adventurers with a special birthday or anytime gift. Ideal for boys and girls aged 6 and up.
    • Impressive Dimensions – When fully assembled, the Space Ride (with the truck attached) stands at an impressive 6 inches (16 cm) in height, 8 inches (21 cm) in width, and 13.5 inches (35 cm) in depth.
    • Includes Entertaining Minifigure Accessories – This LEGO® City playset offers a variety of toy minifigure accessories, such as a ride photo tile, an alien hat, and a playful mug.
    • Building Joy for Ages 6 and Up – With easy-to-follow printed building instructions, this amusement park toy playset guarantees hours of creative construction.
    • Designed for Imaginative Play – LEGO® City building sets empower children to take centre stage in their adventures, featuring structures, vehicles, and characters that ignite their imagination.
    • Top-Quality Play – Rest assured, all LEGO® components adhere to strict industry standards for consistent, compatible, and enjoyable building experiences, just as they have since 1958.
    • Safety First – Our LEGO® bricks and pieces undergo rigorous testing, ensuring they meet stringent global safety standards. Your child's safety is our priority.

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