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  • Organic Grocery by LEGO®

    Promote imaginative play in children aged 8 and above with the LEGO® Friends Organic Grocery Store (41729) set. This set is designed to ignite creativity and features a range of toy grocery store accessories that invite kids to delve into the characters' interests. For instance, Autumn, a character deeply committed to environmental conservation, enjoys her visits to the organic store. During her trips, she often encounters her friend Leo, an enthusiastic cook always eager to experiment with new recipes. Children will have a blast identifying elements reminiscent of real-world grocery stores, such as sliding doors, shopping carts, recycling stations, and a delivery vehicle. The package includes 4 mini-dolls, along with Alba, the younger sister, and Churro, the cat.

    Fostering the Development of Young Builders The LEGO Builder app offers a user-friendly and intuitive building experience for kids. Through the app, they can explore 3D models, zoom in, rotate, save their progress, and monitor their building journey effortlessly.

    Welcome to the Next Generation of Heartlake City In the LEGO Friends universe, children can forge friendships, uncover exciting locales, and enact genuine-life adventures. This immersive experience allows them to engage with the LEGO Friends world on a whole new level.

    • Introduce children aged 8 and above to the enchanting world of LEGO® building with the captivating toy supermarket playset (41729) designed especially for imaginative role play.
    • This delightful toy grocery store includes 4 mini-dolls, featuring the beloved LEGO® Friends characters Leo, Autumn, Jordin, and Isaac, along with the adorable younger sister Alba and Churro the cat.
    • Embark on a fun grocery store adventure with an array of accessories inspired by real-world shopping experiences, such as 2 shopping carts, 2 shopping baskets, recyclable cans and bottles, and a variety of food items.
    • In addition to the supermarket building, kids can construct and explore the shopping carts, complete with storage areas, and a delivery van for added excitement.
    • This LEGO® Friends Heartlake City supermarket building toy makes for a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or just-because moments, delighting any child who adores pretend play.
    • With dimensions measuring over 5 inches (13 cm) in height, 13.5 inches (35 cm) in width, and 5.5 inches (15 cm) in depth, this LEGO® Friends toy offers plenty of creative possibilities.
    • Enjoy a helping hand with intuitive building instructions available in the LEGO® Builder app. This app allows you to zoom in, rotate models in 3D, track progress, and save sets as your child develops new skills.
    • As of January 2023, the LEGO® Friends universe has expanded, introducing new characters and locations to inspire even more role-play adventures in Heartlake City's next generation.
    • Rest assured, all LEGO® components meet rigorous industry standards to ensure consistency, compatibility, and ease of building.
    • Safety is paramount with LEGO® Friends bricks and pieces, as they undergo extensive testing, including being dropped, heated, crushed, twisted, and analyzed to meet stringent global safety standards.
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    FOR AGE 8+