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  • Nya's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Drift by LEGO®

      Introducing Nya's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Drift (71778) Action Toy for Ninja Enthusiasts

      Unlock the Dragon Power Spinjitzu with Nya and embark on an exciting training journey with this action-packed toy designed for kids aged 6 and above. Watch as Nya's Spinjitzu skills soar to new heights, fueled by the mystical dragon power. Hours of limitless play await, as children immerse themselves in guiding Dragon Power Nya through a thrilling water obstacle course, either solo or with friends.

      Key Features:

      1. Develop Spinjitzu Skills: Children can place Dragon Power Nya within the spinner, featuring three exclusive dragon power elements, and set her in motion. Witness her graceful drift as she skillfully navigates the challenges, including conquering the Imperium Droid wielding a staff and securing the coveted golden dragon energy core element from its bowl. Collect additional dragon power elements in various colors from other NINJAGO® sets.

      2. Interactive Digital Experience: Dive into the world of LEGO® with the LEGO Builder app, providing easy and intuitive building instructions. Enjoy the ability to explore 3D models up close, save sets, and monitor your progress effortlessly.

      Product Highlights:

      • Spinning Action Toy: Ideal for young ninja enthusiasts aged 6 and above, this LEGO® NINJAGO® Nya's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Drift (71778) action toy facilitates training sessions for Dragon Power Nya to conquer a challenging water obstacle course.

      • Included Minifigures: The set includes a Dragon Power Nya minifigure and an Imperium Droid figure known for tumbling and flipping when hit.

      • Spin Toy: Kids can place Dragon Power Nya inside the spinner adorned with three exclusive blue dragon elements, creating mesmerizing spinning and drifting action.

      • Ninja Prize: Challenge Dragon Power Nya to claim the collectable golden dragon energy core element, along with two water obstacle elements, in a competitive showdown.

      • Expand Your Collection: Complete your NINJAGO® collection with two more thrilling action toys: Kai's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Flip (71777) and Lloyd's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Spin (71779).

      • Build and Play: Comprising 57 pieces, this playset offers a quick build experience, making it an ideal birthday or everyday gift for kids aged 6 and above.

      • Portable Fun: Measuring just over 2 inches high, 2.5 inches long, and 3.5 inches wide, this spinning toy is perfectly sized for on-the-go adventures at friends' houses.

      • Innovative Building: Enhance your building skills with the LEGO® Builder app, ensuring an engaging and interactive building journey that adheres to the highest quality standards.

      Experience the magic of LEGO® bricks, trusted for over six decades to provide seamless connections every time. Rest easy knowing that LEGO® building bricks meet rigorous global safety standards.

      Elevate your child's playtime with Nya's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Drift (71778) and let their imagination soar with the power of Spinjitzu and dragons!

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      FOR AGE 6+