Velociraptor B Blue Jurassic World Icons Statue by Iron Studios

Release Date: December 2023


Iron Studios presents "Jurassic Park-Icons" a new collection of miniature statues on stylized pedestals with their logo that meticulously brings the same realistic details on its anatomy and painting as seen in their larger-scale statues. Providing fans and collectors with the opportunity to expand their collections with newer space-friendly replicas of their favourite dinosaurs. This new accessible value format, both in price and size, packs the same richness in detail and Iron Studios' standard of excellence and quality.

Known for being stubborn but loyal to her trainer Owen Grady, and Blue has demonstrated the ability to express emotions such as affection, pain, and empathy. Blue was hurt, captured, and taken to the continent alongside other dinosaurs for an auction when she reencountered Owen years later, when he was requested to rescue her in the abandoned Isla Nublar threatened by a volcano, but she managed to escape and settle in the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

This hand-painted Polystone 3 inches tall Limited Edition Velociraptor Blue Jurassic World Icons statue is the best gift for yourself or your loved ones because no one hates dinosaurs except perhaps EVOLUTION!

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For Ages 18+

Limited Edition

Made in China

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