Jurassic World (Film) Echo Limited Edition Statue by Prime 1 Studios

Release Date: November 2022

Prime 1 Studio is pleased to announce the arrival of more Velociraptors in the Jurassic World Prime Collectible Figure Series!

Prime 1 Studio is pleased to announce that more Velociraptors have been added to their Prime Collectible Figure Series!

The sculptors and painters at Prime 1 Studio are thrilled to finally be able to offer you, our ardent Velociraptor fans, the opportunity to complete the entire Velociraptor pack! Echo stands 7 inches tall and measures more than a foot in length. Echo's pensive expression, closed mouth, and warm tan skin with vibrant green striping set her apart from her sisters. Her muscles shiver beneath her finely detailed hide, which is riddled with wrinkles, bumps, and scales. The echo has a healthy sheen thanks to a realistic gloss coat that was applied with care.

On a Jurassic World-themed earthen base with a bronze-finished Jurassic World logo towards the front, Echo stands ready to take orders from the pack leader.

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