Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Carnotaurus Figure by Prime1 Studios

Release Date: July 2022

We are incredibly excited to bring the second therapod in the Prime Collectible Figure Series: The 1/38 Scale Carnotaurus from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Prime 1 Studios.

The film introduced us to a new challenger to the T-Rex’s title: the fearsome Carnotaurus! With its name derived from the Latin “carnis” (flesh) and “Taurus” (bull), this horned carnivore was a sight to behold at the climax of the film.

Carnotaurus is scaled perfectly, at 6 inches, Prime 1 Studio artisans have sculpted the intricate scaling, teeth, and spikes with utmost craftsmanship. They have spared no effort in recreating the Carnotaurus’ muscular anatomy. Its coloring is distinctive with its contrasting striping. Satin finishing envelops the entire body with a gloss coat finishing its monstrous eyes, teeth, and talons.

They also have equipped the Carnotaurus with a minimal rock base to show off its aggressiveness and stance. Lastly, they have also added a handsome Jurassic World plaque behind its feet.

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