Dilophosaurus Jurassic World Dominion 1/10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Release Date: March 2023


Hissing, the primitive and lethal carnivore expands and shakes his hidden fans on his neck, signalling his impending attack; he's about to expel his tar poison, aiming for his prey's eyes to stun them before leaping to devour them. Originally living during the Jurassic Period before the fossil record confirmed mosquitoes, and with more gaps in his DNA sequence than usual, he was recreated by InGen with Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog DNA to fill the gaps in his genetic sequence, resulting in an even deadlier creature with traits the original never had. Iron Studios brings the statue Dilophosaurus - Jurassic World: Dominion Art Scale 1/10, in a new collectible statue over a pedestal of wild terrain with the movie's logo, in a new collectible statue.

Our hand-painted 5.1 inches tall collectible statue is the best gift for yourself or your loved ones because no one hates dinosaurs except perhaps EVOLUTION!

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For AGes 18+

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