Dennis Nedry meets the Dilophosaurus Jurassic Park Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 by Iron Studios

Release Date: March 2023


The infamous computer programmer crashes with a sign indicating his destination while driving a Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler to the East Dock on Isla Nublar in a strong storm. Going in a different direction, he loses control of his vehicle and stalls near his destination. He slips in the mud while releasing the car with the tow cable and meets a young Dilophosaurus while tying up the cable in a tree. He falls again while attempting to return to his vehicle, and this time he realises that the animal, while small, is not as harmless as he thought. Iron Studios recreated another memorable scene from Jurassic Park in this Dennis Nedry meets the Dilophosaurus Deluxe Jurassic Park Statue. With the corrupt and reckless programmer Dennis Nedry on the ground, the Dilophosaurus opens his fan-shaped membranes on the back of his head to spray its tar poison, first hitting Nedry's shirt.

Our hand-painted 8.2 inches tall collectible statue is the best gift for yourself or your loved ones because no one hates dinosaurs except perhaps EVOLUTION!

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