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    Poison Ivy (Gotham City Sirens Deluxe Statue By Iron Studios

    Release Date: July 2025


    Unleash the Enchanting Eco-Warrior: Poison Ivy Deluxe Statue by Iron Studios!

    Dr. Pamela Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy, isn't your typical villain. This captivating scientist and eco-warrior uses her unique plant control to protect nature, even if it means clashing with humanity.

    Two Stunning Statues Available:

    • Deluxe Version: Witness Poison Ivy's beauty accentuated by her emerald dress, surrounded by a treasure trove base hinting at her hidden desires.
    • Standard Version: Ivy stands amidst a lush green base, showcasing her control over plant life with a monstrous vine and a vicious carnivorous flower.

    More Than Just a Statue:

    These meticulously crafted Poison Ivy statues offer a glimpse into her complex world. The included bases, filled with intriguing details, hint at her alliances and motivations.

    A Must-Have for Any Fan:

    Iron Studios' Poison Ivy statues are perfect for any Batman fan. Bring home this captivating and dangerous villain and add a touch of the eco-terrorist to your collection!

    Pre-Order Your Poison Ivy (Gotham City Sirens) Art Scale 1/10 Statue Today!


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