He-Man Deluxe MOTU Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 by Iron Studios

Release Date: July 2023


Masters of the Universe was a successful line of action figures, released in the 80s which turned into a universe of television series, films, and more becoming a staple in the life of every 80s and 90s kid and achieved an immortal place in Pop-culture history.

On the distant planet Eternia in the centre of the universe, in front of a mystic secular castle with a skull-shaped entrance, a muscular warrior with tanned skin and long golden hair raises his magical Power Sword, proclaiming his mantra, calling down beams and rays of pure energy that transform him into the universe's most powerful man. The young Prince Adam transforms and declares, "... by the power of Grayskull..." I am powerful! " while taking on the form of a giant barbarian and becoming the defender hero of Castle Grayskull's secrets.

Since the announcement of the release of their MOTU line, this has been one of the most anticipated statues by fans and collectors. 
Iron Studios is bringing nostalgia with their new series of Masters of the Universe collectible figures. This 13.4-inch Deluxe statue is handpainted and cast in polystone to bring out incredible details.

This deluxe version comes with a full-fledged set of castle Greyskull in the background, giving you He-man fans the ultimate experience. 

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For Ages 15+

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