Masters of the Universe - Skeletor Figure by Super7

Skeletor was originally a demon from another dimension, where his species fought in a great war, he ended up on Eternia as the great war created a gateway to Eternia. Eventually, he learns of the magic fires of Castle Grayskull that would give him ultimate power and rule the planet of Eternia

By the power of Greyskull - Superhero Toy Store brings you this Skeletor Action Figure as part of the Masters of the Universe vintage series, specially designed to give collectors like you a dose of Nostalgia. All characters are created to their vintage look based on the popular animated series.

This well-articulated Skeletor 5.5-inch Vintage Figure comes with Havoc Staff, Power Sword and Half-Sword as accessories and features a spring-loaded mechanism: Turn the waist and he swings back with a punch! The packaging is done in vintage Japanese 80s style making it more nostalgic.

Add this figure to your collection and feel the Nostalgia.

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