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NERF Marvel Mech Strike Mechasaurs Spider-Man Arachno Blaster by Hasbro

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Release Date: August 2023

Get ready for an epic prehistoric showdown as super hero and dino powers combine with the Marvel Mech Strike Mechasaurs! This action-packed playset will have kids aged 5 and up immersed in a thrilling adventure where they can unleash their inner hero and take down Ultron.

Equipped with a powerful Nerf Blaster, kids can pretend to be their favorite dino-powered super hero and engage in exciting battles. The blaster comes with three Nerf darts that can be easily loaded up for rapid-fire action. Power up by pulling back the blaster handle and activate it with a simple push or press of a button!

The Marvel Mech Strike Mechasaurs are not just fantastic toys but also great accessories to complement super hero costumes or enhance any Marvel toy collection. They add an extra layer of excitement and playability, allowing kids to fully immerse themselves in the world of their favorite heroes.

With the Marvel Mech Strike Mechasaurs, the possibilities for imaginative play are endless. Kids can create their own thrilling scenarios, defeat villains, and save the day! It's a must-have for any young superhero enthusiast.

Unleash your dino-powered super hero abilities, grab your Nerf Blaster, and get ready for action-packed adventures with the Marvel Mech Strike Mechasaurs. It's time to show Ultron who's boss and add a dash of prehistoric power to your playtime!

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