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  • Batman Gladiator Dark Nights Metal 7" Figure by McFarlane Toys

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    Trapped on the brutal planet Warworld, the Justice League is forced to fight for their lives in Mongul's gladiatorial arena. Stripped of their powers by special armor, they must face off against any monster, machine, or abomination that Mongul can throw at them. But in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Batman, the World's Greatest Detective, remains ever resourceful. Through his keen intellect and relentless determination, he discovers a glimmer of hope - a button bearing his symbol, hidden deep within the mouth of one of their mechanized opponents. The work of the Toymaker, a captive of Mongul, the button reveals a fail-safe that allows the Justice League to merge with the machines and form a massive, powerful mech piloted by the members themselves.

    Now, McFarlane Toys brings the epic battle to life with their incredibly detailed 7" scale figure of Gladiator Batman, based on his look from Dark Nights: Metal. With Ultra Articulation and up to 22 moving parts, this figure allows for a full range of posing and play. The set includes a battle axe and a base, as well as a collectible art card featuring figure photography on the front and a character biography on the back. Join the ranks of the DC Multiverse collectors and add this fierce, determined warrior to your collection today!

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