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    BMW R 1250 GS MODEL Die-cast Bike By Maisto

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    Introducing the Maisto BMW R 1250 GS 1:18 Diecast Toy Bike Model – a stunning addition to your collection of scale model bikes, motorcycles, and diecast toys.

    Brought to you by The Superhero Toy Store, this exquisite replica of the iconic BMW R 1250 GS will take your admiration for superbikes to new heights.

    Unparalleled Detail: Prepare to be captivated by the meticulous craftsmanship that has gone into recreating the BMW R 1250 GS in a 1:18 scale. Every curve, every contour, and every detail has been expertly replicated, making this miniature masterpiece a true collector's dream.

    Authentic Experience: Not just for display, this Maisto creation is designed for the ultimate experience. With a full suspension system, it mimics the smooth ride of the actual bike. The working kickstand adds a touch of realism, allowing you to park your model just like the real thing. The seats and spokes are so lifelike, you'll feel like you're gazing at the genuine article.

    Exquisite Specifications:

    • Model: BMW R 1250 GS
    • Manufacturer: Maisto
    • Type: DieCast Toy Bike Model
    • Scale: 1:18
    • Colour: Striking Blue
    • Material: Crafted from DieCast Metal and plastic
    • Dimensions (L x B x H): Approximately 11 x 4 x 5 cm
    • Weight: A mere 100 grams
    • Age Group: Suitable for enthusiasts aged 14 and above

    Whether you're a die-hard superbike enthusiast, a passionate collector, or someone seeking the perfect gift for a motorcycling aficionado, the Maisto BMW R 1250 GS 1/18 Diecast Toy Bike Model is the ideal choice. Experience the thrill of owning a superbike legend in stunning detail and quality. Add this gem to your collection today, courtesy of The Superhero Toy Store. Elevate your admiration for precision and power with this magnificent model. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of two-wheeled history.

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