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    DC Comics Aquaman Statue by Iron Studios

    From the pages of DC Comics, Aquaman emerges in this beautiful statue from Iron Studios. The fury of the ocean waves is on full display, where the powerful tentacles of a mythological beast Kraken, submissive to the command of their master, emerge. Like the Greek god Poseidon, Aquaman advances between the waters indicating his objective with a cybernetic prosthesis, shaped like a harpoon, which replaced his left hand lost in combat.

    In this extremely detailed Iron Studios statue, with the King of the seven seas is wearing his gladiator armguard, with a beard and long hair and a more rude stance a callback to the 1990s Aquaman comics, created by the cult writer Peter David, who implemented several characteristics that served as inspiration in the movie version of the hero, and that made him one of the most revered heroes of the modern DC universe, captivating a whole new generation of fans.

    Measures approximately 10.2 inches tall Aquaman is made is using polystone and the details are brought to life by professionals who carefully hand-painted this statue at Iron Studios.

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