WWE - The Undertaker - Summer Slam 1994 Statue by PCS

Release Date: December-End 2021

From death valley, He is the Undertaker!

Superhero Toystore and PCS present WWE The Undertaker: Summer Slam ‘94 1:4 Scale Statue, ready to take your collectibles on the last ride.

The larger-than-life presence of the deadman is captured in this 26” tall statue by PCS extremely detailed from the bottom of the base to the top of his hat. Remanence the good old days of wrestling as The Undertaker: Summer Slam ‘94 1:4 Scale Statue brings an eerie presence, his gloved hands outstretched towards his ill-fated opponents. The Undertaker stands on a black circular podium base measuring 10” wide, accented with his namesake logo in purple.

Undertaker comes in his classic look from the 90s as under the black hat his hair hanging on his face and the eyes are rolled back in his signature sinister stare. The statue also includes a second portrait without the hat, fully revealing his piercing Deadman gaze.

The Undertaker: Summer Slam ‘94 Statue by PCS features a fully sculpted physique and costume recreating the wrestler’s supernaturally unnerving presence in the ring. Inspired by the mysterious match in which the Undertaker faced off against his own imposter, the statue’s look is accented with his traditional purple gloves, boot covers, and details on his coat and tie.

Every inch of this incredible wrestling collectible is packed with realistic sculpted detailing, from the fabric-like textures and creases of the costume to the buttons adorning his black duster. His purple and silver striped tie has a metallic appearance, completing the Undertaker’s iconic style in a high-end format.

As The Undertaker has completed his last ride embed him forever in your life by adding this WWE - The Undertaker - Summer Slam 1994 Statue by PCS in your collection!

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