Hulk 1:10th Scale Premier ArtFx Statue by Kotobukiya

We bring to you the angriest Hulk ever!

This 1/10 scale 7.4 inches tall Premier statue is crafted down to the finest detail, giving this collector's piece an exquisite appearance and lifelike detail. Based on the 2018 Immortal Hulk comics, the statue depicts the transformed Bruce Banner delivering a powerful Hulk smash to the base on which he stands.

This statue was given a strong sense of power as the initial prototype of the statue was created using clay which was then scanned, allowing Kotobukiya's craftsmen to fine-tune the details. Which resulted in amazing detailing of the texture of Hulk's skin and shredded denim trousers, and each individual piece of the statue is layered with several types of paint, giving the finished product an unmatchable sense of visual quality and depth!

This statue comes in a special packaging filled with details, including a marble motif as well as an illustration based on the figure! This limited edition statue will come with a certificate that includes a collector number printed in gold, certifying each piece as a one-of-a-kind original. 

Don't miss your chance to own this designer marvel.

Limited Edition: 3500 Pieces Worldwide


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