Agent Venom ArtFx+ Statue by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya and Superhero Toy Store present to you the incarnation of the bonded alien symbiote: Agent Venom ArtFx+ Statue.

The Venom symbiote was captured by the U.S. government for use in a secret military program. It was assigned to Flash Thompson, Peter Parker's former tormentor and current best friend. Flash Thompson lost both of his legs in the Iraq War, and then regained them due to fusing with the Venom symbiote

Agent Venom sneaks along in a deep crouch with twin pistols held up at the ready as he pivots to check for targets. The symbiote provides excellent armor protection over a standard issue outfit, and Venom is outfitted with a sleek black bodysuit with heavy combat boots and chitinous armor plating protecting the agent’s torso, lower limbs, shoulder, and collar.

He's also featured wearing a belt carrying additional equipment and two more pistols in holsters, his bodysuit extends over his head in a sleek black hood with white eye outlines. Bright white is also seen at strategic places on Venom’s suit: rectangles on the back of the hands, outlines on the thighs, and of course spider symbols on the chest and back.

Everything about the stance and equipment screams precision and deadly intent, down to the exacting details like Flash’s trigger discipline.

This Agent Venom ArtFx+ statue stands approximately 7 1/2-inches tall and comes with magnets in his feet provide perfect stability on the included display base.

Release Date: September 2017

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