Back to the Future Part II - Doc Brown 1/10th Scale Figure Set by Iron Studios

Release Date: December 2022

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In the second part of the movie trilogy of the "Back to the Future" franchise, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the imaginary future year of 2015 with the legendary DeLorean Time Machine, enhanced with a flight mechanism. The statues are the result of hard work of study and development by the Iron Studios team, which has worked with maximum passion to create this diorama that brings together all the nostalgia of the movie and the pop culture of the 1980s fans like you will surely appreciate.

This 9.6-inch statue is part of the diorama set which features the young Marty McFly and his friend Dr Emmett Brown, newcomers to the hypothetical future year of 2015. Wearing their futuristic special outfits so they can go unnoticed, they plan their next steps right next to their iconic time-shift vehicle, the iconic Delorean Time Machine, which floats above the base of a street in the city of Hill Valley in the future.

In this highly detailed, hand-painted polystone statue, A newspaper lying at his feet, which reports the arrest of his young friend Marty McFly's son, the scientist is checking his watch. The Doc is wearing clothes that stand out by today's standards, but are common in their fictional era. He has, in one hand, his silver Augmented Reality Wearable glasses. 

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