July 18, 2019 2 min read

First off, I must admit that I was truly skeptical of the remake of one of the most Iconic films in history, and that’s where the magic truly began.

One of the biggest challenges making a remake is the expectations that come along, post which one has to answer the next big question do you stay true to the original completely or add your own spin to it. Director Jon Favreau decided on the former, hence he truly had to have something unique up his sleeve to make fans come back to theatres want to watch this retelling, boy oh boy he does.

The Movie is a CGI and animation masterpiece, he takes us through the journey it the most beautiful and charismatic manner it seems like the characters are almost real, the world showcased is actually true and this is where he keeps the magic of Disney’s movies going.

The film never truly hits the peaks that it should, but it’s never far away, there are pieces of the puzzle that could have been better the music, the voice overs of some of the characters, but together the movie never disappoints.

This review cannot be complete without a special mention of Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen who voice Timon and Pumba, they have outdone themselves, the movie can be watched again for those two alone.

Director Jon Favreau may be knew the original cannot be outdone so what he has done is paid the best homage to the movie he can and in the most specular manner he can.

Fans or not I strongly suggest go for this movie and only watch it the theatres as this is a visual masterpiece that’s almost as good as the original

Review by: Devesh Chhabria