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  • May 15, 2024 5 min read

    Buckle up, X-Men fans! "X-Men '97" wrapped its first season with an explosive finale that both resolved the immediate threat and left viewers hungry for more. The action-packed episode saw the X-Men dismantle Bastion's anti-mutant agenda, Project Zero Tolerance. However, their victory came at a cost. Not only did they face public distrust, but the ending teased a far more formidable villain on the rise.

    X-Men 97 Episode 10 Easter Eggs & Breakdown

    The season didn't shy away from emotional gut punches. While the team saved the world (hopefully regaining some trust), a bittersweet resolution left plenty of questions hanging for season 2. Adding fuel to the fire, the finale sent shockwaves through the fandom with a cryptic hint at the resurrection of a beloved mutant - but with a shocking, dark twist. Could this be a monstrous transformation for Gambit? "X-Men '97" has not only set the bar high for future seasons, but it's also thrown down the gauntlet to the MCU's live-action X-Men films.


    The epic finale of X-Men '97's first season delivered a rollercoaster of twists and cliffhangers, setting the stage for a thrilling future. In a desperate move to save Earth from Magneto's devastating EMP attack, Professor X makes a risky gamble. He manages to hijack Magneto's powers and reverse the damage, but at a terrible cost - Magneto's psyche is shattered. Meanwhile, with the help of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey is resurrected and takes down the nefarious Mister Sinister. However, a new and even more dangerous threat emerges. Bastion, the anti-mutant cyborg, undergoes a horrifying evolution. He absorbs Cable's techno-virus and brutally removes his arm, becoming a far more powerful entity.

    Fearing the X-Men and this new threat, the UN makes a drastic decision. They authorize the "Magneto Protocols," a full-scale attack on Asteroid M with the intent to destroy it. Xavier, understanding the potential for further destruction, rushes to Magneto's broken body. Together, they manage to stop Asteroid M from colliding with Earth. Unfortunately, the X-Men themselves are scattered across time in the aftermath. Bishop, a time-traveling mutant, reunites with Forge to locate the missing team and potentially rebuild a new group of mutant heroes.

    X-Men '97 Episode 10 Ending & Credits Scene Explained

    Adding to the chaos, the majority of the X-Men find themselves transported to Ancient Egypt, where they face the ancient mutant villain, Apocalypse. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Jean Grey are flung far into the future, landing amidst the mysterious Clan Ascani and a young Cable. To further tease the future conflicts, the post-credits scene shows Apocalypse emerging from the ruins of Genosha, the once-mutant nation, picking up a single Gambit playing card. This cryptic image leaves viewers wondering about Gambit's fate and the potential for a dark transformation. With the X-Men divided and a slew of powerful enemies on the horizon, X-Men '97 has left fans eagerly anticipating the challenges and reunions that await in season two.


    X-Men '97 Post-Credits Scene: A Glimpse into a Dark Gambit's Return

    X-Men 97 Episode 10 Easter Eggs & Breakdown

    The thrilling conclusion of X-Men '97 leaves audiences with a sense of closure and a whole lot of burning questions. But wait, there's more! A quick post-credits scene throws a major wrench into the hopeful ending, hinting at a shocking return and a potentially dark future for a beloved mutant.

    We're transported to the desolate wasteland of Genosha in the present day. A haunting voice echoes through the ruins, lamenting the immense suffering and death that has plagued this mutant haven. As the camera pans, the imposing figure of Apocalypse is revealed, a chilling reminder of the ancient mutant villain's enduring threat. But what truly sends shivers down viewers' spines is the object he picks up from the dust - a tattered Gambit card.

    This seemingly innocuous detail holds a powerful significance. In the X-Men comics, Gambit takes a drastic turn after the devastating event known as Decimation, where Scarlet Witch drastically reduces the mutant population. Driven by a desperate desire to save mutantkind, Gambit volunteers to become one of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen, specifically Death.

    Here's where X-Men '97 injects a clever twist. Unlike the comics where Gambit makes a conscious choice, the post-credits scene suggests a more sinister origin story. Perhaps Apocalypse will manipulate or even resurrect Gambit, twisting his loyalty to serve his own agenda. This raises several intriguing questions:

      • Will Gambit be a willing participant in Apocalypse's schemes, or will he be a pawn in the villain's game?
      • How will this potentially corrupted Gambit affect the X-Men's fight for mutant equality?
      • Could this be a glimpse into a future where Apocalypse successfully establishes his dominion over the mutants?

    The post-credits scene also offers a subtle nod to the original X-Men: The Animated Series. In that show's finale, Apocalypse was defeated and banished to the Astral Plane. His appearance in Genosha suggests he has not only escaped this confinement but also regained his powerful physical form.

    While the precise details of his resurgence remain a mystery, X-Men '97 season 2 will likely delve into this plot point, revealing the extent of Apocalypse's power and the means he employed to return.

    One thing is certain: the post-credits scene serves as a potent reminder that the X-Men's fight for peace is far from over. With Apocalypse back on the scene and potentially wielding a brainwashed Gambit, the future looks bleak for mutants – and the X-Men face a whole new level of challenge in their mission to protect their kind.


    Scattered Through Time in a Shocking Finale

    The X-Men faced their most devastating challenge yet in the season finale of X-Men '97. With Asteroid M hurtling towards Earth and the UN's misguided Magneto Protocols threatening further chaos, the team was forced to make a desperate stand. While Beast's plan to stop the asteroid's impact failed, Professor X managed a risky maneuver, reviving Magneto and channeling his powers to deflect the space rock.

    However, the victory came at a steep cost. In a shocking twist, the X-Men weren't just saved from the asteroid – they were scattered across time! The team, including the revived Magneto with his fractured psyche, found themselves transported to ancient Egypt (around 3000 BC). There, they faced a daunting challenge – encountering En Sabah Nur, the human-looking form of the villainous Apocalypse, familiar to fans of X-Men: The Animated Series.

    Meanwhile, Cyclops and Jean Grey were flung far into the future, landing in the year 3960 AD. Here, they encountered a surprising cast of characters: the mysterious Clan Askani, led by Mother Askani, and their young son Nathan, a.k.a. Cable, who they had sent to the future with Bishop earlier in the season.

    The finale leaves viewers with a burning question – who or what caused the X-Men's temporal displacement? While the comics offer possibilities like Beast's tinkering or the Phoenix Force's intervention, neither seem likely in this context. The show subtly positions Apocalypse as the key to the event, potentially linking it to his manipulation of the Axis of Time, a concept explored in X-Men: The Animated Series.

    With all 10 episodes now available on Disney+ Hotstar, fans can delve into the thrilling adventures of X-Men '97 and speculate on the mysteries surrounding the scattered team. Season 2 promises an epic journey to reunite the X-Men, confront new threats like Apocalypse, and perhaps shed light on the enigma behind their temporal displacement.

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