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  • April 26, 2024 5 min read

    X-Men '97 just hits different! Need a mid-week pick-me-up? This show delivers pure, adrenaline-pumping action that has you cheering for the X-Men. Sure, it might not dwell on existential dread or the fight for mutant rights that feels eerily familiar. Nope, just good old-fashioned mutant butt-kicking! Except... maybe it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Gambit's death is still fresh, and the fear that our beloved heroes might meet a similar fate lingers. But hey, that's the beauty of event television, right? The highs are high, the stakes are dire, and the theorizing is endless. Speaking of theories, let's dive deep into Episode 7, "Bright Eyes." Spoilers ahead, obviously, but if you're here, you probably already binged it anyway! Buckle up, X-Fans, because we're about to dissect all the juicy Easter eggs hidden within this intense episode.


    Operation: Zero Tolerance - A Blast from the Comic Book Past!

    X-Men '97: Who Is OZT? Explained

    Operation: Zero Tolerance, or OZT for short, might ring a bell for longtime X-Men fans. It was a major comic book event back in 1997, the same year as this show! In that story, a shadowy government group led by Bastion unleashed a terrifying weapon: Prime Sentinels. These seemingly ordinary humans were secretly cyborgs programmed to hunt and eliminate mutants.

    Sounds familiar, doesn't it? We only get a glimpse of Bastion in this episode, voiced by Theo James (you might know him from White Lotus or The Gentlemen). But based on the comics and Sinister's cryptic words, it's clear he's a major X-Men villain. Newcomers, don't worry – the show will fill you in!

    The Prime Sentinels in X-Men '97 are pretty faithful to the comics, with a gruesome twist. Here, they're more like reanimated corpses turned into robots, adding a chilling psychological element to their threat. We'll probably see some more physically imposing ones later, though. (Bolivar Trask, the guy who created the Sentinels, probably wouldn't have gotten ripped abs even as a zombie robot.)

    Here's a fun fact for comic book diehards: some Prime Sentinels in the comics wore headbands and outfits, making them look like Bastion's backup dancers. Let's hope the show gives us that too!


    Emma Frost's New Power Reveal in X-Men '97

    Marvel's Emma Frost Powers Twist Rewrites X-Men Comics & Movie History

    Just like in the comics, Emma Frost, the frosty leader of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, emerges as the sole survivor amidst the ruins of Genosha. But here's the real shocker – her survival mirrors New X-Men #115 where a brand new mutation grants her diamond-hard skin!

    This twist in the comics marked a pivotal moment for Emma. After years as an ally, co-heading the Xavier school in Generation X, this near-death experience solidified her place as a core X-Men member. Could X-Men '97 follow suit? With Professor X off on his cosmic adventures, the team is undeniably lacking a powerful telepath.


    X-Men '97 Takes Us Global: A Look at Ross, Cap, and the Looming Avengers

    Marvel Just Teased Avengers vs X-Men Years Before The MCU's Mutant Reboot

    The Genosha massacre in X-Men '97 has blown things wide open. This episode throws us into a more global Marvel Universe, and that means some familiar faces!

    First up, we have General "Thunderbolt" Ross, rocking a military uniform and a serious mustache (RIP William Hurt, you'll be missed). This is the same Ross from the MCU, though it seems Michael Patrick McGill is taking the reins now. His mention of a Hulk-proof base hints at a bigger green rage machine in this reality (we did see a robotic Hulk way back in X-Men Season 4).

    Next, Captain America makes a grand entrance! We've seen glimpses of Cap before in X-Men and Spider-Man flashbacks, but this is his official X-Men '97 debut. Remember how he got stuck in a time vortex back in Season 5? Well, it seems he's managed to escape and is now working alongside the government (or maybe the UN?). We even see hints of a team with him – could this finally be the Avengers assembling? The show hasn't explicitly mentioned them yet, but with Cap leading a team, it's definitely a possibility.

    Finally, there's a sneaky Roxxon sign lurking in the background. Honestly, Roxxon seems to be everywhere in the Marvel Universe, so that's not a huge surprise.

    One episode in, and X-Men '97 is already expanding its world and teasing some major connections. The future of the Avengers in this animated reality looks bright (or should we say "super soldier serum"-charged?)!


    Gambit's Funeral: A Glimmer of Hope or Just More Salt in the Wound?

    X-Men '97' Episode 7 Explained: OZT, Bastion, and More | Decider

    X-Men '97 isn't letting us forget about poor Gambit. Just when you thought you might be starting to heal from that gut punch in Episode 5, here comes the funeral to remind you everything is terrible. The X-Men are all there, except for a conspicuously absent Rogue.

    There are familiar faces from Gambit's past too, folks from the Thieves and Assassins Guilds paying their respects. But then there's Aurora, a member of Alpha Flight. This throws a curveball. We know they were both prisoners in Genosha together back in Season 1, but did a connection blossom between the Cajun charmer and the French-Canadian powerhouse? Did they share more than just conversation during their captivity? Maybe, maybe not – it's Gambit after all. One thing's for sure, this unexpected guest has X-Men fans buzzing with theories.


    Magneto's Back, Bastion's Bad, and Onslaught's Looming!

    X-Men 97 Main Villian Revealed Bastion and Magneto is ALIVE Episode 7 Ending

    Hold onto your Cerebro helmets, X-Men fans! The latest episode of X-Men '97 just dropped a bombshell that could unleash a legendary villain. Just when we were reeling from Gambit's demise, episode 7 throws another curveball: Magneto's alive, but in the clutches of the show's surprise mastermind, Bastion.

    Remember that epic laser blast from Master Mold? Apparently, Magneto shrugged it off. Meanwhile, other mutants like Gambit are still six feet under. Talk about mutant resilience!

    But wait, there's more! We finally get a glimpse of Bastion, the man behind the curtain pulling all the strings. This human-sentinel hybrid isn't messing around. He dispatches Henry Gyrich with chilling ease and scoffs at Mr. Sinister's failures. Bastion even seems excited about Professor X's return, which can't be good news for the telepathic leader.

    Here's where things get really interesting. Bastion's not worried about Xavier's return, and he's got Magneto shaved and subdued – a worrying sign for an omega-level mutant. The cherry on top? Bastion's building Prime Sentinels, mutant-hunting machines powered by captured humans. And guess who's top of the conversion list? You guessed it – Magneto!

    The implications are terrifying. A Prime Sentinel Magneto fighting his own kind? Ouch. But that's not all. Bastion's enthusiasm for Xavier's return suggests a twisted plan. Imagine Professor X facing off against a Prime Sentinel Magneto – a psychic clash that could easily trigger the birth of one of Marvel's most powerful villains: Onslaught!

    Get ready for an epic showdown, X-Men fans. The seeds of Onslaught's arrival have been sown, and the future looks bleak for our mutant heroes. Stay tuned for more analysis as this mind-blowing story unfolds!

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