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  • April 23, 2024 5 min read

    The new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer sheds light on Hugh Jackman's Wolverine's past. Packed with action sequences and emotional moments, the trailer hints at a dark backstory for this version of Wolverine.

    There are clues that Wolverine's world suffered a terrible fate, possibly destroyed by a collision with another universe. The trailer suggests Wolverine may have failed to stop this disaster. The Time Variance Authority (TVA) seems aware of the destruction, with an agent implying Wolverine bears responsibility for his world's demise.

    The movie might delve deeper into this universe's destruction and how Wolverine ended up in the MCU. There are theories of two Wolverines in the film, but it's more likely the two Wolverines seen are the same person. The reason for his rejection at the bar could be linked to the destruction of his world.

    Interestingly, this Wolverine appears to not be from the Fox X-Men universe. Details like locations and costumes differ from those films. The trailer might reveal a connection to the dark event hinted at in 2017's Logan, where the X-Men faced potential demise. This wouldn't contradict Logan's ending, but explore an earlier point in his timeline.


    Wolverine's World Destroyed by Incursions? New Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Hints at Dark Past

    The new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer throws hints at a tragic past for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. We see him ostracized in a bar, with the bartender implying he's unwelcome "anywhere." This is further emphasized by comments from Deadpool, who mentions Wolverine's world "went to sh*t," and Agent Paradox of the TVA, who blames him for letting down "his entire world."

    This heavy backstory for Wolverine's return coincides with the MCU's ongoing Multiverse Saga. Considering "Deadpool & Wolverine" heavily features the multiverse and the Void, a concept introduced earlier might be the key to understanding Wolverine's plight: Incursions.

    First introduced in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," incursions are catastrophic collisions between universes, often resulting in the destruction of one or both. The film showcased the devastating consequences of such an event, prompting Doctor Strange to join forces with Clea to prevent future incursions.

    The trailer hints that Wolverine's world might have been ravaged by an incursion, and he may have been unable to stop it. Interestingly, both Deadpool and Wolverine utilize portals similar to Doctor Strange's. This raises the possibility of Wolverine being involved in future incursion events within the movie.


    New Wolvie in Town! Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Hints at Fresh Start

    The new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine has fans buzzing, and for good reason! It seems Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine might not be a straight-up continuation of the Fox X-Men movies. Eagle-eyed viewers spotted some clues suggesting this is a new version of the character.

    Firstly, the trailer showcases Wolverine in an unfamiliar location – a scene depicts him kneeling amidst strange, ancient-looking stones. This environment bears no resemblance to anything seen in the Fox X-Men films. Secondly, Jackman's Wolverine is sporting his classic comic book costume, a stark contrast to the attire he wore throughout the Fox franchise.


    But here's where things get interesting: the trailer hints at a possible link between the tragedy that befell Wolverine's world and the near-extinction of the X-Men teased in 2017's Logan. Intriguingly, the movie will also feature appearances by some familiar faces from the X-Men films, including villains Lady Deathstrike and Azazel (who appeared in separate X-Men movie timelines). Rumors even suggest potential cameos from beloved heroes like Cyclops, Storm, and Professor Xavier!

    So, it appears Deadpool & Wolverine won't contradict the ending of Logan, but rather explore an earlier point in that same timeline, albeit within a different branch of the ever-expanding multiverse. This twist opens doors for a fresh take on Wolverine while potentially retaining some connection to the established X-Men universe. The inclusion of these X-Men characters from various timelines strengthens the idea that this Wolverine hails from a separate corner of the multiverse, unconnected to the main MCU timeline. With so many exciting possibilities on the horizon, Deadpool & Wolverine is shaping up to be a thrilling addition to the MCU's Multiverse Saga.


    Same Logan, Different Scars? Debunking the Two Wolverines Theory in Deadpool & Wolverine


    The new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer has sparked fan theories, with some speculating there might be two Wolverine variants played by Hugh Jackman. Let's delve into the evidence and see if it holds water.

    On one hand, the trailer shows Deadpool approaching two seemingly different Wolverines: one at a bar and another within the mysterious Void. This has led some to believe there could be a multiversal twist, with Deadpool encountering Wolverine variants from separate realities.

    However, there are reasons to believe these might be the same Logan. Firstly, the bartender's harsh treatment of Logan at the bar could be linked to the tragedy that befell his world, as hinted at throughout the trailer. This ostracized state might explain his presence in a desolate location like the Void.

    Secondly, Deadpool interacts with the Wolverine in the X-Men costume, discussing the dark fate of his world. This aligns with the scene of Logan in despair, potentially within the Void after failing to save his universe. Agent Paradox's comment about Wolverine letting down his world also seems directed at the costumed Logan.

    Therefore, the evidence suggests a more likely scenario: the trailer showcases a single Wolverine, burdened by the destruction of his world. His despair might lead him to the Void, while the bar scene portrays the social repercussions he faces after the tragedy.


    TVA's Timey-Wimey Knowledge: Unraveling Wolverine's Worldly Woes in Deadpool & Wolverine

    The latest glimpse into Deadpool & Wolverine offers tantalizing clues about the tragic fate that befell Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Eagle-eyed fans noticed a potential connection between the film's events and the enigmatic Time Variance Authority (TVA).

    Recent footage suggests the movie might predate the events of Loki season 2. Remember, that season saw the fracturing of the Sacred Timeline, allowing new universes to exist freely. However, in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, Agent Paradox mentions the TVA's role in protecting the Sacred Timeline. This implies the movie takes place when the TVA held tighter control over the multiverse.

    Given the TVA's meticulous record-keeping of multiversal events, Agent Paradox would likely possess intimate knowledge of any major cosmic catastrophes. And guess who drops the bombshell about Wolverine's world-altering failure? You guessed it – Paradox himself! His comment about Wolverine letting down "his entire world" hints at a deep understanding of the tragedy.

    The trailer further fuels the mystery with a glimpse of a flashback, potentially revealing the third act's pivotal moment. We see Logan, clad in regular clothes, collapsing in despair amidst an ominous location. This scene strongly suggests the film will delve into Wolverine's past and the cataclysmic event that shattered his world.

    With the TVA seemingly holding the key to multiversal history, it's highly likely the organization will play a crucial role in unraveling the secrets behind Wolverine's fallen world. Will Paradox spill the beans on the exact nature of the disaster? Will we witness the tragic event unfold in a flashback? Deadpool & Wolverine promises to take us on a thrilling journey through time, space, and despair, with the TVA potentially acting as our guide through the wreckage of Wolverine's universe.


    That's all we have for today on the mysterious world of Wolverine and the secrets it holds within the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine! With the claws poised to slash their way across the big screen this July, buckle up for a wild ride through the multiverse alongside Deadpool and the brooding Wolverine. While you wait to see Wolverine's fate unfold, relive his epic moments and celebrate Deadpool's trademark humor by checking out our awesome collection of X-Men, Wolverine, and Deadpool merchandise on our website! From action figures to graphic tees, we have everything a true fan could need. So head over now and gear up for the Merc with a Mouth's return in Deadpool & Wolverine!