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  • Defining Scenes that makes the Original Lion King Standout.

    March 09, 2022 3 min read

    The Lion King wasn't just another Disney film for the Indian 90s kid who grew up on the tale of Mufasa, his son Simba, and the cruel uncle Scar—all set in the visually stunning African grassland. Lion King was their childhood, just like the time bomb candy, fun-flip munchies, masala Cheetos or the collectible Tazoes that came with it.

    Over the years what stayed isn't just the nostalgic happy memories but some of the profound life lessons it imparted, introducing  a generation of children to life, love, death, loss, anger, and victory at a young age. The film also encourages  adult viewers to examine themselves and reconnect with their own strengths and weaknesses.  The  beauty of this iconic classic are defined by a few key scenes and dialogues that appeared on the screen. Let's revisit some of the most iconic ones today.

    Circle of Life

    Nothing defines The Lion King more than this spectacular scene, which features Hans Zimmer's music in the background. The scene is set, and we see Rafiki on the clifftop, holding baby Simba aloft for all to see. Mufasa and Sarabi, his proud parents, stand behind him. We see the kingdom for the first time, with all the animals gathered to meet the 'crown prince.' The iconic African chant, as well as the view of the blazing sun, will always give you goosebumps. In 1994, the song "Circle of Life" was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

    Timon, Pumbaa and Hakuna Matata:

    In the midst of the heaviness of death, loss, and fear, Timon and Pumbaa and their upbeat attitude provide the lighter moments in this classic. Another evergreen frame from the original film is the duo rescuing an exhausted, lonely Simba from vultures and introducing him to a carefree life, albeit for a short time. Not to mention the song 'Hakuna Matata,' which was thankfully retained in the reboot. When Simba is physically and emotionally exhausted, Timon and Pumbaa are inserted into the plot. The duo is frequently symbolic of people who enter our lives during some of our darkest times and enliven us.

    Nala meets Simba again

    After his father's death, Simba goes into hiding as a cub, and this is probably one of the turning points in his life. Nala and Simba are now fully grown, and they get into a fight without realising it. She is the clear victor as she pins him to the ground, and Simba realises it's Nala. A frame worthy of being frozen and revisited time and again. From here, with the help of childhood friend Nala and others, Simba rediscovers his purpose and goes on to reclaim his title as lion king.

    The elephant graveyard

    Mufasa warns Simba not to venture into this barren wasteland littered with elephant skeletons. Simba, on the other hand, takes his friend Nala to the graveyard in an attempt to demonstrate his bravery. They explore, accompanied by Zazu, as Scar's hyenas pursue them. Scar has assigned the three hyenas the task of assassinating Simba. Mufasa arrives just in time to save the cubs, and it is here that Mufasa teaches Simba yet another important life lesson: being "brave" does not imply seeking trouble.

    Mufasa Teaching Simba About the Pride Lands

    Following the iconic "Circle of Life" scene, Mufasa spends some time in the first few minutes of the film showing Simba, the heir to Pride Rock, the beauty of the Pride Lands and why they're so important. "Everything you see exists in a delicate balance," Mufasa explains to Simba. "As king, you must recognise that balance and respect all creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope." Even as an adult, hearing James Earl Jones explain the delicate balance of the universe and life to his cub feels like one of the most profound moments in the entire film.

    Lion King isn't just a movie its an experience to preserved, a generation defining moment that needs to be passed on. Capture the nostalgia of the greatest Disney animation film ever made with our official licensed Lion King Products here.