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    “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” is set to introduce Shimo, a new reptilian Titan whose icy prowess and apocalyptic capabilities mark her as a legendary figure within the MonsterVerse. Shimo, alongside the Skar King, is poised to challenge the might of Godzilla and Kong, suggesting a series of monumental clashes that will be central to the film’s plot.

    Hints of Shimo’s existence and her formidable nature were first sown in a Call of Duty collaboration, where a cave painting depicted her in combat with Godzilla. This early tease has served to whet the appetite of fans, eager to witness her role in the unfolding MonsterVerse saga.

    Shimo’s debut, wielding her ice-based powers against the backdrop of world-ending stakes, is anticipated to enrich the narrative tapestry of “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.” Her presence heralds a new era of high-tension drama and spectacular showdowns, promising to captivate audiences with the sheer scale and intensity of Titan warfare.

    Origins of Name

    The word "Shimo" holds significance in two distinct languages, Japanese and Swahili, with differing meanings that reflect contrasting elements.

    In Japanese, "Shimo" (霜) translates to "frost" or "gray hair." This dual interpretation evokes imagery of the delicate, crystalline formations of frost as well as the natural process of aging where hair gradually turns gray, both symbolizing the passage of time and a sense of transient beauty.

    Conversely, in Swahili, "Shimo" carries a different connotation, meaning "hole" or "abyss." This interpretation suggests a sense of depth, mystery, and potentially even danger. The word conjures images of vast, dark spaces or unfathomable depths, invoking a sense of the unknown or the daunting.

    The juxtaposition of these meanings adds layers of complexity and intrigue to the name "Shimo." It can evoke themes of transformation, duality, and the interplay between light and darkness. The revelation of this name on a Jada Toys Metalfigs figure at the 2023 Singapore Comic Con suggests its integration into popular culture, potentially hinting at a character or concept embodying these themes within a fictional narrative or franchise.

    Development of the Character

    Mike's Monsters on X: "Hey #Monsterverse fans! I found this cave painting  in @CallofDuty #OperationMonarch. Who's #Godzilla fighting here? I don't  recognize them as anyone from the MV films, but kinda looks

    The mention of Shimo's existence initially surfaced within the context of the 2022 collaboration between Call of Duty and the film Godzilla vs. Kong. In this collaboration, a depiction of Shimo was unveiled through a cave painting, showcasing an intense battle between Shimo and Godzilla. This cameo appearance served as the first glimpse into the character's existence, sparking curiosity and speculation among fans.

    Jared Krichevsky, a key figure involved in the creation of Shimo, revealed that the character was initially conceived as male. This insight sheds light on the original concept and design of Shimo, providing valuable context to fans and enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into the lore surrounding this mysterious figure.

    The revelation of Shimo's intended gender adds another layer to the character's backstory, hinting at potential narratives and motivations that may have shaped Shimo's development. It also underscores the complexity and attention to detail invested in crafting the character within the broader universe of the collaboration.

    Overall, the inclusion of Shimo in the Call of Duty and Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration, along with insights into the character's conception, contributes to the richness of the shared universe and fuels further exploration and speculation among fans.


    ArtStation - SHIMO

    Shimo is depicted as a reptilian creature reminiscent of Godzilla's evolved form, embodying a fusion of power and majesty. Standing on all fours, her imposing figure is adorned with striking features that evoke both fear and fascination. Her body is covered in sleek white scales, reminiscent of ancient reptilian beasts. These scales provide a sturdy armor, hinting at her resilience in battles.

    One of Shimo's most distinctive features is the array of Stegosaurus-like thagomizers adorning the tip of her tail. These menacing spikes serve as formidable weapons, capable of delivering devastating blows to any adversaries foolish enough to challenge her. Additionally, crystalline spines run down her back, emitting a mesmerizing blue glow. These crystalline formations not only add to her aesthetic appeal but also serve as indicators of her immense power.

    Shimo's head is crowned with a majestic formation of crystals, arranged in a manner reminiscent of a regal crown. These crystals protrude at a horizontal angle, accentuating her status as a queen of her domain. Despite her massive size, her abdomen and limbs are surprisingly slender, lending an air of gracefulness to her powerful frame.

    Her eyes, normally a piercing blue with black pupils, become obscured when she emanates a bright blue glow, hinting at the incredible energy coursing through her veins. While typically assuming a bear-like stance when on all fours, merchandise reveals a silhouette of her assuming a fully upright posture, showcasing her ability to command attention and strike fear into the hearts of those who dare to oppose her.

    Overall, Shimo is a captivating and fearsome creature, embodying a perfect blend of strength, elegance, and otherworldly beauty


    Shimo | Wikizilla, the kaiju encyclopedia

    Shimo possesses a chilling ability known as the Frost Bite Blast or Frost Bite Breath. This icy power allows her to unleash a concentrated beam of ice capable of freezing opponents solid. Described on the packaging of her individual Playmates figure as a Frost Bite Blast, and referred to as Frost Bite Breath in the context of the Godzilla vs. Shimo figure set, this attack showcases her mastery over cold elements.

    In a dramatic display of her power, Shimo is depicted in the second trailer of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire employing this formidable technique. She directs her icy beam towards Kong, freezing over his formidable axe and rendering it temporarily ineffective. Moreover, she demonstrates the breadth of her abilities by firing the beam into the sky, precipitating a colossal ice storm.

    Upon activating this ability, Shimo's physical features undergo a captivating transformation. Her eyes, back spikes, and thagomizers illuminate with a radiant, electric blue glow, signifying the raw power coursing through her. Upon contact with her target, the Frost Bite Blast generates sizable ice chunks, showcasing the sheer force and potency of her freezing prowess.

    Through the Frost Bite Blast/Breath, Shimo asserts her dominance as a formidable force to be reckoned with, capable of unleashing devastating wintry assaults upon her adversaries.


    • Cave painting of Godzilla battling Shimo in Call Of Duty.
    • Comics: As Kong investigated a bone-filled cave in the Hollow Earth, he uncovered several massive cave paintings depicting different monsters. The last displayed a battle between Godzilla and Shimo.


    Standing at an awe-inspiring height of 162.45 meters, Shimo holds the title as the largest monster to grace the screen in a Monsterverse film, surpassing even the towering figure of King Ghidorah by an additional 3.65 meters. This colossal stature undoubtedly contributes to Shimo's imposing presence within the Monsterverse.

    However, while Shimo claims the title of the tallest monster in the Monsterverse films, she doesn't reign supreme when considering the overall size. This distinction belongs to Tiamat, stretching approximately 258 meters in length, and Na Kika, measuring an astounding ~274 meters long. These massive beings dwarf even Shimo, showcasing the vast diversity of monstrous entities within the Monsterverse.

    Shimo also holds the distinction of being the second confirmed female monster to serve as a primary antagonist in a Monsterverse film, following in the footsteps of the female MUTO from "Godzilla." This inclusion of formidable female antagonists adds depth and complexity to the Monsterverse, challenging traditional gender roles within the realm of giant monster narratives.