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  • April 24, 2024 5 min read

    Think DC Comics is all about capes and tights? Think again! Sure, we love Batman facing off against colorful villains, but DC has a dark side that'll mess you up way more than Scarecrow's fear toxin.

    We're talking comics so creepy they'll crawl under your skin and set up camp in your nightmares. Join us for a dive into the horrifying side of DC. We'll explore stories with twisted heroes, monsters that would make your grandma faint, and the kind of chills that'll have you sleeping with the lights on. So, ditch the popcorn, grab a flashlight (and maybe a cuddle buddy), and get ready for a scare!



    Comics Preacher Wallpaper

    Buckle up, sinners, for a wild ride through the underbelly of America! Preacher ain't your grandma's western. This twisted tale throws down a preacher named Jesse, a man with the voice of God himself booming in his head. But this ain't no choirboy – Jesse uses his divine power for a shotgun blast of justice, dragging his ragtag crew on a road trip through America's darkest corners.

    Get ready for a head-on collision with religious hypocrisy, soul-crushing addiction, and enough corporate greed to make a CEO blush. Preacher doesn't shy away from the ugly – it throws it all at you with a sick grin and a gallon of gasoline. But fear not, weary traveler, because this ain't all doom and gloom. Preacher throws in some seriously twisted humor to keep you from curling up in a fetal position. Just be warned, the laughs might get stuck in your throat alongside the screams. So, if you're hankering for a supernatural smackdown with a side of existential dread, Preacher's your one-way ticket to the heart of American darkness. Just hold onto your cowboy hat – it's gonna be a bumpy ride.


    Sympathizing with Lucifer 

    DC Cancels 'Lucifer' Comic, But Will Publish Rest Of Series - Horror News  Network

    Hold on tight, Lucifer TV show fans! For a taste of true demonic dread, delve into the original comic series – a mind-bending horror trip by Mike Carey. This ain't your average network drama.

    Imagine Lucifer, the ex-Lord of Hell, chilling in L.A. after ditching his fiery gig. Sounds like a vacation, right? Wrong. Carey's Lucifer stumbles upon chills that would make even the bravest demon whimper. One minute he's crafting a twisted Eden filled with his own warped creations, the next he's locked in a cosmic cage match with Japanese death deities.

    Be warned: Carey's masterful writing will do a number on your moral compass. You'll find yourself sympathizing with the devil himself, fearing not just for him, but for everyone caught in his chaotic wake. So, if you crave a horror story that'll redefine your perception of good and evil, this Lucifer is your fallen angel.


    Forget Marvel Zombies, DCeased is Here to Haunt Your Tech!

    DCeased Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

    Calling all horror fans – DC's got a new nightmare for the digital age! We're talking about DCeased, a terrifying twist on the superhero zombie genre that'll have you rethinking every text you send.

    Remember Darkseid, that tyrannical ruler of Apokolips? Yeah, he messed up big time. Obsessed with the Anti-Life Equation, he hacks into Cyborg, unleashing a techno-organic virus instead. And guess what? It spreads faster than a clickbait headline.

    Here's the kicker: this virus loves screens. One look at your phone, TV, or computer and BAM – instant zombie. The bite is bad, sure, but technology becomes the ultimate superhighway for this digital contagion.

    And things get real dark, real fast. Even the ever-prepared Batman doesn't survive the first issue. So, yeah, this ain't your average superhero romp. DCeased is a full-blown horror show that'll make you want to chuck your phone out the window (but maybe not, because, you know, virus and all).


    Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers

    Dream Casting: Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers | SYFY WIRE

    Assemble your team? More like assemble your therapists! Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers throws a massive wrench into the classic superhero team-up formula. Here's the deal: seven heroes are lined up to fight some wicked baddies known as the Sheeda. But here's the twist that'll leave you looking over your shoulder – these heroes never even meet each other!

    Instead, Morrison unleashes a symphony of nightmares, with each hero starring in their own mind-bending miniseries that all tie together in a cosmic horror masterpiece. Frankenstein takes center stage in a full-blown monster mash, but the chills don't stop there. Mister Miracle gets trapped in a personal hell, reliving a gruesome murder on repeat like a twisted horror movie with no "off" button.

    Shining Knight and Klarion? Buckle up, because they're plummeting into the abyss of isolation. Demons fueled by ancient, otherworldly magic become their unwelcome companions. Forget cheesy one-liners and flashy group poses – Seven Soldiers is a superhero saga where the most terrifying threats might just be the ones lurking in the darkest corners of your own psyche.


    Hill House Haunts: Unboxing the Nightmares of DC's New Horror Imprint

    The Dollhouse Family: A new scary comic to give you nightmares | SYFY WIRE

    Hold onto your teddy bears, horror fiends! DC Comics has ripped the lid off a brand new horror line guaranteed to send shivers down your spine: Hill House Comics. Curated by the legendary Joe Hill (think Stephen King's son, but just as terrifying), Hill House promises a chilling cabinet of curiosities, each tale crafted by a master of the macabre.

    Among these chilling storytellers is a name that's sure to become synonymous with sleepless nights – Carmen Maria Machado. This rising horror star joins forces with established greats like M.R. Carey and Peter Gross, who've delivered the most bone-chilling masterpiece yet: The Dollhouse Family.

    Forget your childhood playtime fantasies. This dollhouse harbors a world of secrets, a miniature prison for a tiny family trapped within. When a young girl inherits this haunted haven, the line between reality and nightmare blurs, building a relentless sense of dread that'll have you clutching your pillow long after the last page. So, prepare to delve into the darkest corners of DC's new horror imprint, where even the most innocent toys can become your worst nightmare.


    Have you faced your DC demons yet?

    That's all for this spine-tingling tour of DC's horror hits! We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the darkest corners of the DC Universe. Remember, even superheroes get scared sometimes!

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