January 30, 2019 3 min read

A big shout out for all the X-Men fans out there, Superhero Toy Store is ready to serve the legion of X-Men fans. X-Men fans have only been on the rise from the first appearance in 1960.

2019 looks to be an exciting year for the X-Men collectors. After various comic-cons around the world rumors of various characters releasing we have information on the first wave of figures this year, and boy does it not disappoint. Here’s the first look of all new X-Men Marvel Legends figure for 2019

1, Gambit (revealed at SDCC 2018)

This is what every X-Men fan was waiting for. Yes, all the Rumours were true, Gambit easily being one of the top characters in X-Men, fans have been long clamoring for a Gambit Figure. This figure surely keeps up to the fanfare, Remy Lebeau comes with his classic Bo Staff, and an exact look based on the comics, the metallic paint finish, ensures the authenticity of the figure. It also comes with a set of alternate hands which furthers the case for it being one of the best figures lately.

2. Weapon X Wolverine (revealed at Fan Expo Canada 2018)

An absolute favorite of X-Men series, Wolverine aka weapon X based on the Weapon X Project in the comics. Covered in high tech gadgets with claws out and this figure is for sure a very difficult sculpt considering the detailing and muscle related work been put into the figure.

3. Skullbuster (revealed at SDCC 2018)

One of the longtime foes of X-Men, the killer Cyborg is in his classic comic book inspired armor and a Machine gun in hand. Designed for the fans of Deathlok version. Skullbuster comes with an Alternate head and great paintwork especially on the face.

4. Beast (revealed at SDCC 2018)

The demands of the newer collectors have been answered by Hasbro with the Beast figure. Hank McCoy is at Big Blue best as The Beast. He comes with a pair of open first and comes in a replica of his looks from the comics including the x-men belt.

5. Forge (revealed at NYCC 2018)

It’s absolutely awesome to see Forge and Skullbuster in one wave. Having two longtime enemies together in a collection is a golden opportunity for a collector. Again in his Classic blue and yellow costume with a headband and has not one but two accessories looks like a special treat for the collectors.

6. Jubilee (revealed at NYCC 2018)

Jubilee has truly been given her due with this figure, she looks absolutely perfect with bubble gum, removable visor, and a yellow jacket.

7. Blink (revealed at SDCC 2018)

As the leader of the Exiles and one of the breakout characters from the all-time classic Age of Apocalypse story arc. This first generation Blink figure is one of the highlights of the series. Hasbro Marvel legends have said true to her look, capturing her lilac skin and hair from the comics

8.Caliban (revealed at NYCC 2018)

Caliban is this year BAF bonus and The Mutant sensor is one of the best characters to have in your collection.

 The X-Men wave of 2019 looks absolutely exciting with multiple figures from the New York and San Diego comic-con coming to the wave. Be the first ones to know of the release, sign up for the wave.