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  • July 02, 2024 3 min read

    Buckle up, chimichanga lovers! The clock's ticking down to the release of Deadpool 3, and the global fanbase is positively electric. Three weeks – that's all that stands between us and unleashing the madness on the Marvel universe. By now, the anticipation is practically a force field – you can practically hear the katanas sharpening and the chimichangas sizzling.

    Shanghai just got a sneak peek at the film's opening act, a scorching first 40 minutes. And let me tell you, the FOMO is radiating stronger than a radioactive chimichanga. But fret not, fellow Merc with a Mouth enthusiasts! Thanks to our awesome Shanghai squad and the wonders of the internet, we've got the hot goss on what went down in that electrifying first chunk of the movie.

    Word to the wise: From here on out, we're venturing deep into spoiler territory. Consider this your official disclaimer. Turn back now if you want to maintain maximum surprise for when Deadpool 3 explodes onto the big screen.

    ****SPOILERS IN 3****


    ****SPOILERS IN 2 ****


    ****SPOILERS IN 1****




    Alright then folks lets dive in: 

    Brutal Brawls and Big Laughs:

    Get ready for an explosive mix of violence and humor. The early glimpse promises intense action sequences, perfectly complemented by a killer score. But don't worry, Deadpool wouldn't be Deadpool without the laughs. The comedic timing seems spot-on, with plenty of gags to tickle your funny bone.

    Logan's Legacy Lives On (Violently):

    The footage hints at a deep connection to the events of Logan. Expect some emotional moments as Wolverine grapples with the fallout of that film's ending, but in true Deadpool fashion, it won't be a tearjerker without a healthy dose of violence.

    A Multiverse of Wolverines (Including a Zombified One?!):

    Hold onto your hats, X-Men fans! It seems we'll be treated to a variety of Wolverine versions. The rumors suggest everything from the classic berserker to, wait for it, a full-on zombie Logan! Buckle up for some truly unique takes on the clawed hero.

    Poking Fun at the Past (and Present):

    Get ready for some hilarious meta-humor! The Merc with a Mouth isn't shying away from poking fun at both Fox (the studio behind the previous Deadpool films) and Disney, the current owner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Expect some witty jabs and inside jokes for eagle-eyed fans.

    A Cast of Thousands (Well, Maybe Not Thousands):

    The early footage teased a plethora of cameos. While the identities remain under wraps, it seems we can expect some surprise appearances to pepper the film.

    The Plot Thickens (But Maybe Not in the First 40 Minutes):

    Interestingly, the rumour mill suggests that the scenes shown today might be from the first act. This could mean the movie has even more surprises and twists up its sleeve for the latter half.

    Dream Match Alert: Wolverine vs. The Hulk!

    Get ready for a clash of titans! The footage reportedly features a face-off between Wolverine and none other than the Hulk. This is a battle comic fans have been dreaming of for years, and it seems Deadpool & Wolverine will finally deliver.

    Lady Deadpool?

    The rumor mill is churning on a potential Lady Deadpool appearance. While she was masked in the footage, speculation suggests the voice belonged to actress Blake Lively.

    The Verdict: A Marriage of Epic and Absurd

    The early impression paints a picture of a film that seamlessly blends the epic scale and emotional weight of Avengers: Endgame with the unadulterated wackiness that defines Deadpool. It seems we're in for a wild ride that will leave us both awestruck and laughing out loud.

    Stay tuned, Marvel fans! With this much action, humor, and intriguing plot points, Deadpool & Wolverine promises to be a must-watch for superhero enthusiasts everywhere.

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