Happy Birthday Ryan Reynolds! 14 times he channeled his inner Deadpool and make us go ROFL!

October 23, 2019 1 min read

We all love Ryan Reynolds right? The hilarious and talented Canadian actor who you confuse for Ryan Gosling turns 43 today. We all know Ryan Reynolds as the infamous and gloriously hilarious Deadpool, but it turns out that the actor is as funny as hell in real life, too. Let’s check out some of the hilarious moments when he brought his inner Deadpool to life.

1. At Hollywood Walk of Fame

2. About Parenting

3. Insulting or Appreciating We’ll never know

4. TED Talk or we should say Dead-Talk

5. His apology to David Beckham

6. Being frenemies with the Wolverine

7.  The Birthday prank on wife Blake Lively

But Mrs Deadpool had an awesome comeback

8. His Letter to the Avengers

9. We all have been there

10. Thats funny and real

11. With great Powers Comes Great Responsiblity

12. We are so thankful to him

13. Taking a dig at Celeb Kids

14. President Pool would be a lot of fun and probably end of the world

Repeatedly trolling his wife, kids, and fans online, Reynolds has become known for his quick wit and ruthless jokes, especially aimed at those he loves the most. We hope that we get many more of awesome Ryan Reynolds Moments and Deadpool movies in many years to come. 

 We wish a very happy birthday to Ryan Reynolds! and if you love Deadpool like us remember to check out some of the awesome figures statues and merchandise of the Merc with a mouth in our amazing collection.  

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