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  • August 14, 2023 3 min read


    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the awesome heroes are making a comeback on the big screen with the movie "Mutant Mayhem." But before we jump into that, let's hit rewind and check out how they rocked the world of cinema and became icons in the our ever-growing world of popculture because they have been here for a while.

    The year was 1984 – a time of big hair and colorful outfits, if it's still hard for you to imagine it was Stranger Things time!. Two comic book artists, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, teamed up like superhero partners to create the TMNT comics. It was a writing jam session that even they had no idea how sensational it would become. Back then, Hollywood was like a distant planet to them. Kevin and Peter were all about making comics, not movies. They started with just a bit of money and a whole lot of passion. 

    But soon their comics became super popular! It was like a tidal wave of turtle fun that swept everyone up. The Ninja Turtles comics were out selling some of the most popular DC and Marvel Comics, they were suddenly becoming priced possessions in Kids and Teenagers bedrooms.

    Now fast-forward a bit. In the late '80s, the Turtles got even bigger! First, there was an animated TV show in 1987 that had us all glued to the screen. And then, in 1988, these cool action figures hit the stores, and suddenly, everyone wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. It was like a party that nobody wanted to miss.

    1988 Ninja Turtles Action Figures


    But the things went on a whole another level of crazy popularity when - Tom Gray from Golden Harvest – a movie company, who came to them and said, "Hey, let's put these Turtles in a movie!" And guess what? The movie director, Steve Barron, was super creative. He knew how to turn the Turtles' comic adventures into a big-screen spectacle. And then, a real magic touch – the famous Jim Henson's team made the Turtles' costumes. Imagine your favorite stuffed toy coming to life – that's how they made these costumes come alive!

    Kevin and Peter didn't want to lose control over their Turtles. They wanted to make sure the Turtles stayed true to their comic roots. So, they made sure they had a say in how everything looked and felt. Then, the movie hit theaters. And when it did, everyone went nuts! The Turtles' movie wasn't just good – it was like a party on the big screen. The kids in the 80s who grew up with these turtles went all-in for this! In an era of rock and roll the movie rocked so hard that it became a hit. It was like everyone couldn't get enough of those pizza-loving Turtles. And just like that, the Turtles became superstars, ruling the '90s mainstream popculture along with other famous things in that time like Metallica, Nirvana etc.

    As we fast-forward again, the Turtles are still going strong. They're getting ready to celebrate 40 years of comic awesomeness. From those old-school rubber costumes to the modern movie magic, the Turtles are still making waves. So, here's a question for you: Can the modern day technology and studio magic beat those classic rubber suits? It's like picking your favorite ice cream flavour – everyone's got an opinion. After all, in a world of pizza-loving ninjas, there's always room for some Turtle talk!