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    Frieza has become the undisputed villainous icon of the Dragon Ball franchise while not appearing until the story's second half. Debuting in chapter 247, he dominated the "Frieza Saga" as the ultimate antagonist. Frieza wasn't just another bad guy; he was a galactic emperor who ruled with an iron fist and commanded immense power, striking fear into the hearts of everyone under his control.

    This late introduction doesn't diminish Frieza's impact. He's essentially Goku's archenemy, the source of countless conflicts that shaped the story. Frieza's reign of terror began with the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the Saiyan homeworld. This act not only wiped out most of Goku's race, but also sent him hurtling as a baby to Earth, setting the stage for his entire life. The ripple effects of Frieza's actions didn't stop there. He employed other Saiyans like Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta as his muscle, leading them to Earth where they clashed with Goku, further escalating the conflict.

    Frieza's villainy wasn't confined to the pages of the original manga. He returned as the central antagonist in the movie "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'" proving he's still a major threat. Even in "Dragon Ball Super," Frieza continues to be a recurring presence, a reminder of the long shadow he casts over the Dragon Ball universe.

    The Chilling Emperor: Unveiling Frieza's Depths

    Frieza's armor breaks when he goes to his second form, and you can see he  has on briefs. In his final form, the briefs are gone. In other words, is  Frieza naked? -

    Frieza, the tyrannical emperor, embodies more than just galactic villainy.

    A Product of Greed: Born from a time mirroring Earth's economic bubble, Frieza's ruthlessness stemmed from real-estate speculators, whom his creator deemed despicable. Frieza wasn't just a conqueror; he was a broker who ruthlessly exploited planets, mirroring the greed of the era.

    A Calculated Cruelty: Toriyama defied convention. Villains typically yell and belittle, but Frieza chilled audiences with a polite demeanor that masked his brutality. It was a deliberate choice, making his actions even more unsettling.

    A Pun with a Punch: Frieza's name, a pun on "freezer," wasn't random. His army reflected this theme, with names based on dairy products and fruits – all things one might find chilled. It was a darkly humorous touch to a menacing character.

    Inspiration Unexpected: While modeled after an editor, Frieza's return was sparked by music! Inspired by a song titled "F" by Maximum the Hormone, Toriyama brought back the chilling emperor.

    Evolution Through Efficiency: Frieza's multiple forms weren't just about power-ups. Toriyama revealed the first three were actually power-limiting transformations used for efficiency. It was a practical approach to villainy. The complex third form, however, quickly faded – even the creator admitted three might have been excessive!

    A Legacy of Voices: From Ryūsei Nakao in the original Japanese version to the iconic English performances of Pauline Newstone, Linda Young, and the late Christopher Ayres, Frieza's voice actors have breathed life into the character across media. Daman Mills now carries the torch, ensuring Frieza's chilling presence continues to resonate.


    The Emperor's Many Cloaks: A Transformation Through Terror

    Dragon Ball: The Best Frieza Forms

    Frieza, the tyrannical emperor, unveils his true power layer by layer. First, a diminutive humanoid, a facade masking a monstrous potential. This initial shell, while frail compared to what lies beneath, still holds enough might to crush planets.

    The second layer cracks open, revealing a towering form, a monstrous echo of his father, King Cold. This brute force overpowers all but the most tenacious fighters. Yet, a greater transformation stirs within.

    The third layer peels back, birthing a grotesque creature – a testament to raw, unrefined power. Speed explodes, but elegance is lost. This monstrous form, while powerful, lacks the finesse for ultimate dominance.

    Finally, the true Frieza emerges. Sleek, streamlined, and white as bone, this form channels Frieza's full potential. Here, he can unleash his full fury, a force that rivals even a Super Saiyan. However, this ultimate form holds a cruel irony – its power strains the body, a fleeting burst of brilliance quickly swallowed by exhaustion.

    But even death cannot contain an emperor's ambition. Rebuilt as Mecha Frieza, a grotesque fusion of flesh and metal, he seeks vengeance. Yet, this metallic shell proves brittle, shattered by a new Saiyan blade.

    Undeterred, Frieza seeks a new path. Through grueling training, he unlocks a transformation bathed in gold – Golden Frieza. This form surpasses his previous limits, initially overwhelming even a Super Saiyan Blue. However, the curse of his past remains – the golden light fades as quickly as it flared, a testament to his lack of discipline.

    Time, however, can be a cruel teacher. In the fires of hell, Frieza refines his golden form. This "True Golden Frieza" burns with a steady brilliance, a testament to his newfound control.

    And finally, a form born from stolen time. In a hidden chamber, Frieza condenses a decade of training into a mere ten days. Black Frieza emerges, a dark reflection of his golden power. This latest transformation hints at a terrifying truth – the emperor may once again claim the mantle of the universe's strongest.


    Frieza, the tyrannical emperor of the cosmos, transcended the boundaries of the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Though his initial reign of terror concluded within the core narrative, his chilling presence continued to permeate the franchise through various appearances and references.

    Frieza's Hellish Antics

    The anime's filler episodes offered a humorous twist on Frieza's fate. Somehow retaining his corporeal form in Hell, a stark contrast to his supposed punishment, Frieza bumbled through comedic cameos. Whether causing trouble or gloating over Goku's battles (ironically unaware of some key events), these appearances showcased a lighter side to the once-feared villain. However, his ultimate demise at the hands of heroes like Goku and Pikkon served as a reminder of his villainy.

    A Villain Returns: Resurrection and New Forms

    Frieza's story wasn't confined to filler episodes. He made a dramatic comeback in the film "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'" as the central antagonist. This return established him as a persistent threat, ever seeking revenge on Goku. The film also introduced Frieza's new transformations, showcasing his relentless pursuit of power.

    Dragon Ball GT: A Controversial Return

    Dragon Ball GT offered a more ambiguous take on Frieza's fate. Briefly rendered semi-immortal due to an imbalance in the otherworld, Frieza teamed up with his nemesis Cell to torment Goku. However, their gloating proved to be their undoing, as they became trapped in ice themselves. The series' conclusion hinted at their potential erasure, but a future scene implied their return.

    Frieza's Influence Beyond Dragon Ball

    Frieza's impact extended beyond the Dragon Ball universe. He inspired a hit song by the band Maximum the Hormone, a testament to his iconic status. Parodies of Frieza appeared in various anime and cartoons, solidifying his place in pop culture.

    Frieza in Video Games

    Frieza remained a prominent figure in Dragon Ball video games. Often a playable character and a formidable boss, he continued to challenge gamers across various titles. Some games explored alternate scenarios where Frieza achieved immortality or was revived, keeping the fear of the galactic emperor alive for players.

    Frieza's appearances in crossover fighting games like Jump Force further cemented his legacy as a recognizable and formidable villain within the broader anime landscape.

    Frieza: A Villain Loved and Loathed

    Why does everyone love Frieza? I feel like I'm one of the only ones that  likes Cell and Buu more than Frieza. - Quora

    Frieza, the tyrannical emperor, ignited a firestorm of reactions amongst fans.

    Peak Performance: Editors working with Akira Toriyama on Dragon Ball agreed that Frieza's arc marked the series' peak popularity. Fan polls further solidified this, with Frieza himself consistently ranking high in popularity. Notably, he even topped a recent poll for best Dragon Ball villain.

    The "Beloved" Villain: Publications like GamePro dubbed Frieza a "beloved character." However, his portrayal wasn't without flaws. The English voice acting, particularly the "old lady" voice, drew criticism for being incongruous with his appearance and leading to gender confusion.

    A Dark Turn: The violence Frieza unleashed wasn't lost on viewers. Newspapers flagged the series for its brutality, citing Frieza's actions like strangling Vegeta and impaling Krillin. His otherworldly appearance, a blend of "Alien" and Mr. Freeze, further contributed to the dark atmosphere.

    A Villain Worth Reviving? Opinions diverged on Frieza's return in "Resurrection F." Some, like DVD Talk, enjoyed the rematch with Goku but felt the focus on it overshadowed other plot points. IGN appreciated his new powers and renewed rivalry. Anime News Network, however, felt he was a weak villain easily surpassed by Goku and Vegeta. Voice acting reviews were also mixed, with some finding the English portrayal less menacing.

    Frieza's Encore: Frieza's second return in "Dragon Ball Super" sparked further debate. Anime News Network saw a potential cliché emerging, with Frieza following a path similar to former villains like Piccolo and Vegeta. Nonetheless, they found his uneasy alliance with Goku and their one-on-one fight intriguing. Hobby Consolas felt Frieza's repeated defeats by Jiren grew tiresome. However, his unexpected team-up with Goku surprised many, including Vegeta.

    IGN noted Frieza's long absence in the final arc but praised his alliance with Goku for its animation and the sheer novelty of their cooperation. The reviewer questioned the impact of reviving Frieza and restoring his empire, wondering if his future interactions with Goku would maintain their edge. Cine Premiere echoed this sentiment, leaving Frieza's future actions open to interpretation.

    Frieza, the galactic emperor, may be a villain, but his impact on Dragon Ball is undeniable. He ignited peak popularity, sparked debate about violence, and continues to be a character that both excites and frustrates fans.

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