Five best Superheroes without actual Superpowers.

May 24, 2021 3 min read

The word "superhero" brings us images of costumed crime fighters capable of amazing feats in our heads. They can usually fly or possess an amount of unseen strength, or have the ability to project blasts of energy from any part of their bodies, can heal from practically any wound, and many more other incredible acts. 

Unfortunately, due to these types of stereotypes, many great superheroes go under the radar of fans. Well, I decided to rise up to the occasion and said I won’t let it happen under my watch. Some of the greatest superheroes ever created actually can’t do any of the above but still, they are somewhat ordinary people doing extraordinary things and we need to appreciate it more than ever now.

So let’s look at five amazing superheroes with no powers at all.

5. Green Arrow

Green Arrow| DC Comics| Stephen Amell

There are two archers who could’ve made this list, the fan in me could only go with Star City vigilante Oliver Queen. Green Arrow is as deadly with a bow and arrow as Captain America is with his shield. He can accurately fire 33 arrows a minute. If that doesn’t seem impressive, understand that this equates to one arrow every 1.81 seconds. There are very few villains alive who could run or dodge anything at that pace. He is also a great fighter, amazingly intelligent, and a billionaire with technology at his disposal that’s only limited by his imagination. There is no surprise why he is a longtime member of the Justice League of America. 

4. Black Widow

Black Widow | Marvel Comics | Scarlett Johanasson

The Avenger Black Widow is one of the go-to assassins in the entire Marvel Universe. Throughout her long history, she has battled huge threats like The Taskmaster. Trained by the Russian Government inside their Black Widow program. As a result, she became one of the deadliest fighters that Marvel has to offer. In addition to this, she is also an expert in all firearms which makes Black Widow one of the most feared superheroes out there. She is not afraid to use her intelligence, Spy Skills, and sexuality which makes her a valuable asset to the Avengers and SHIELD.

3. The Punisher

The Punisher | Marvel Comics | Jon Berthnal | Netflix

If Guns counted as having superpowers then I would say the Punisher has superpowers. Punisher is virtually bulletproof, you can say he fights street thugs, underworld criminals, and Mafia but there are instances where Frank Castle has victoriously slayed beings with superpowers. He is so great with guns and violence that he once killed the entire Marvel Universe. Punisher is definitely someone who can’t be taken lightly.

2. Iron Man

Iron Man | Marvel Comics | Avengers | Robert Downey Jr.

Well, money can literally buy anything, even superpowers. Tony Stark not only builts crime-fighting hi-tech gadgets but he also has fun doing it. One of the most loved heroes from Marvel nowadays, Iron Man technically does not possess any power. Everything he does comes out of his engineering ability and vivid imagination. Which makes him both brains and brawns of the Avengers team.

1. Batman

Batman | DC Comics | Christian Bale | Michael Keaton | Ben Affleck

Well, I saved the best for last, the dark knight is topping my list of best superheroes with no powers. Batman deserves the top spot because even though he is rich like Iron Man or Green Arrow, Batman’s detective skills and fighting skills outmatch the number of gadgets he owns. His suit tech pales in comparison to that of Iron Man but over the years Bruce Wayne has even brought his god-like superpowered friend Superman to his knees. Batman is so great at planning and execution that he has single-handedly defeated villains whom the entire Justice League couldn’t.

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