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  • May 14, 2024 6 min read

    The Dragon Ball world wouldn't be the same without its legendary dragons! From Shenron, the wish-granting giant with a booming voice, to lesser-known dragons like Porunga, these mystical beings have played a pivotal role in the series.

    But with so many dragons soaring through the Dragon Ball universe, one question burns bright: who reigns supreme in the coolness factor?

    Forget about the number of wishes they grant - we're talking pure awesomeness here. Memorable design? Epic personality? The ability to leave you speechless? These are the qualities that define a truly cool Dragon Ball dragon.

    So, Dragon Ball fans, get ready to rumble! Let's delve into the world of these mythical creatures and crown the coolest dragon of all!


    Did you know Dragon Ball Online introduced a whole new Eternal Dragon?

    That's right, meet Mr. Poko Poko! This unique dragon, crafted by the Dark Namekians, might be new to some Dragon Ball fans (especially those who haven't played Dragon Ball Online).

    While Mr. Poko Poko bears a resemblance to the classic Porunga, there's a key difference - he walks on two legs! This gives him a less imposing, almost comical vibe compared to his powerful brethren.

    Don't be fooled by his goofy appearance though! Mr. Poko Poko is a formidable opponent. While his true power remains unseen, he can transform into a Giant Form, proving he's no pushover.

    Interestingly, Mr. Poko Poko dedicates himself to refining "kiri," a mysterious unit with special properties within the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games.

    So, next time you delve into the vast world of Dragon Ball, keep an eye out for Mr. Poko Poko - the weirdly wonderful Eternal Dragon!


    Dragon Ball Super: A Not-So-Benevolent Wish for Granolah!

    Forget grumpy Shenron and his picky ways! Dragon Ball Super introduces Toronbo, the amphibian Eternal Dragon of Planet Cereal. Unlike his grumpy counterparts, Toronbo exists solely to honor the heroic Sugarians with selfless wishes.

    Imagine Granolah's surprise then, when this peace-loving dragon shows up for his wish to become the strongest fighter in Universe 7! Toronbo may not grant power beyond one's potential, but hey, at least you only need two Dragon Balls to summon him, right?


    Porunga: The (Slightly Disappointing) Dragon of Dreams

    Remember the epic introduction of Porunga in Dragon Ball Z? The colossal Namekian dragon, shimmering with power, promising to grant your wildest dreams? Yeah, about that...

    While Porunga boasts the impressive title of "Dragon of Dreams," he falls a bit short of the hype. Don't get me wrong, the dude's massive and powerful. But after the initial awe wears off, you can't help but feel a tinge of "is that all?"

    Here's the thing: Porunga's got some weird quirks. He apparently has a moral compass, refusing to snuff out good guys (talk about selective wish-granting!). Plus, he seems to have a soft spot for Goku, even acknowledging the Saiyan's selflessness.

    And then there are the limitations. Three wishes? Seems like a good number, right? Until you find out about the weird restrictions the Namekians put on them initially. Thankfully, those were lifted after Frieza's whole "blowing up Namek" thing, but come on, what a strange way to start!

    Overall, Porunga's a powerhouse, no doubt. But compared to his flashier dragon counterparts, he comes across as a bit...well, underwhelming. Still a force to be reckoned with, but maybe not the coolest wish-granter on the block.


    Dragon Ball GT: Shadow Dragons - A Flawed Fusion of Wish and Menace

    Dragon Ball GT throws a curveball with the Shadow Dragons! These aren't your typical villains. They're the twisted consequences of years of selfish wishes on the Dragon Balls. Each Dragon embodies a single granted wish, literally a dragon-shaped nightmare come to life!

    While the concept is undeniably cool – a dark reflection of the series' core mechanic – the execution falls short. The individual Shadow Dragons, like Naturon Shenron (wish: eternal youth) and Rage Shenron (wish: ultimate power), never quite live up to their potential.

    However, there's a glimmer of hope! When the seven merge into Omega Shenron, things get serious. This ultimate Shadow Dragon becomes a genuine world-ending threat, pushing Goku and his allies to their limits.

    So, while the Shadow Dragons might be a missed opportunity in some ways, Omega Shenron reminds us of the destructive potential hidden within the seemingly harmless Dragon Balls.